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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Five is MOVING from Astra 2a to 2d

Have you LOST Channel Five? No Signal Being Recived for Channel Five in Spain?

If you have a Sky card registered at a UK address in the Wales or West of England areas, then you may be experiencing difficulties in the reception of Channel FIVE. You may be getting the "No Satellite Signal Being Received" message.

This is because the version of Channel FIVE that serves this area has now stopped being transmitted from its "nice and easy Sky card" frequency of 12422H 27.5 2/3 and has been allocated the Freesat versions of Channel FIVE - on 10773 H 22 5/6.

This means that this version of Channel FIVE is only available as the same time as BBC2.

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You can always programme into your "other channels" the other version of Channel FIVE - 12422H 27.5 2/3 where there are still 3 other UK version of Channel Five - North East and South.

Could this be the first stage of Channel FIVE becoming totally Free to Air (as I have mentioned a few times before)in conjunction with the UKs Digital Switch over process??

Will try to keep you posted as soon as I know...

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