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Monday, August 24, 2009

Freesat from Sky Cards - Important

Freesat from Sky Cards - Important

It looks like these typs of Sky viewing cards will be changing also soon......

Messages have been appearing on screens this weekend with a message along the lines of "Your viewing card is about to expire - you may lose channels after September 2009"

Unlike the new cards for Sky subscribers, Freesat replacement cards will not be sent out automatically, but via an onscreen message saying the card is due to expire and to contact Sky.

If you do nothing then you will loose access to any FTV channels:
ITV1 (in these regions only: Anglia W, Central SW, Mer N, Mer SE, TT S, Yorks E) Channel 4 HD FIVE FIVE USA, FIVE USA +1, FIVER, FIVER +1 Sky 3

If you purchased a Sky FTV card after 1st May 2006 you are entitled to a free replacement card. Either call Sky or apply for a new card online before the end of September 2009. You can apply online at: Just enter your viewing card number and it will tell you if you are eligible for a replacement.

Please note that this may be different if you bought your card from an agent or installer in Spain who may charge for a replacement! Similarly there is no mention if the new cards you will get are preactivated or you may also have to contact sky to get the cards activated.

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