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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sky TV in Spain

Sky TV in Costa Blanca Spain

Sky Satellite TV Channels are transmitted from four satellites, all located in the same "constellation". These are Astra 2a, 2b, 2d and Eurobird 1. Each of these satellites has a unique "beam" and so reception of channels on each of these satellites will vary. Many Sky subscription TV channels are able to be received on an 80cm dish across most of Europe. The channels on the stronger signal satellite include Channel Five, Fiver, Fiver+1, Five USA and Five USA+1, Sky News and BBC News.

Some Sky subscription TV channels are on a satellite whose signal tends to be weak during the afternoon. These channels include the majority of the Sky Movies channels, and many of the "+1" channels offered by the UKTV group.

There are also some Sky TV channels on the weaker satellite, Astra 2D. These include the Disney channels which are on the weakest of the two "beams", the horizontal frequencies. Reception of the frequencies on Astra 2D are the ones that require a "big dish", just as you would require for the BBC and ITV channels.
Sky TV channels are Pay / Subscription TV channels and require a Sky viewing card to view. It is, however, against the terms and conditions of your Sky viewing card contract to use the viewing card outside of the UK and ROI. Should Sky find out that you are using your sky viewing card in Spain, then they can deactivate the viewing card.

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