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Monday, August 17, 2009

TDT / Freeview in Spain / GOL TV /Premier League Football

TDT (Television Digital Terrestrial) is the Spanish version of the UK's Freeview digital TV service.
With TDT you can get around 30 free digital TV channels, all depending on your location on the Costa Blanca.
All you need are a good TV aerial, a good amplifer system, and a TDT receiver - either a set top box of a TDT intergrated digital TV.

And this last week the Spanish Government have given the go-ahead for PAY TDT - pay channels on TDT

And in light of this one channel has recently been launched.
GOLTV is currently free, and is a dedicated football channel. In fact this wekend there were 3 live Premier League games shown...for free.
However reports suggest that GOLTV will become a full subscription service by the end of August - just in time to take advantage of the Spanish football season!

With the next analogue swicth off approaching (December 31st!) make sure you are not one who leaves the installation of digital TV until the last minute. Many programmes on the TDT system can be changed from Spanish into English!

The Sat and PC Guy can install these systems for you.

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