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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

UK TV in Spain gets more complicated....

The National Police have arrested 60 people in connection with an investigation against the piracy of pay-TV channels. Among those arrested include hotel managers and presidents of neighboring communities that have defrauded a total of several million euros.

It appears that not only were these systems providing pay tv channels via "web streaming", but as a result of this investigation it was discovered that several local cable networks in Tenerife, Malaga, Cadiz, Cordoba and Granada, were 'rebroadacsting' specific channels and content to its subscribers, without the required authorizations.

and there is more....from a local news site

The one common denominator of all these rebroadcasting companies is that
they rebroadcast Free To Air (FTA) television signals however; none of them seem
to be able to provide legal paperwork stating that they have paid for the rights from each and every one of the FTA channels to do so
. BBC and ITV have stated that they do not have the rights to sell on their own channel rebroadcasting rights as they themselves negotiate rates with hundreds of individual production companies for the UK rights and these do not cover Europe. Confused? No wonder it’s taking so long to come to the Spanish Court system!
The first nail in the rebroadcasting coffin may be that the Spanish Secretary of
Telecommunications is now aware of the rebroadcasting of the Torresat Group
amongst others and that the distributor Filmax is considering taking action
against those using their content without the correct licences in place.
I would not be surprised if there are more police action over the coming months, and those rebroadcsat systems that are still showing Pay TV channels like Sky Sports may well have a visit in the near future.....
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