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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

UK TV on a small 60cm Dish in Spain!

UKTV Direct from satellite / UK TV Channels on a small 60cm dish

There is a "new" type of rebroadcasting currently being pushed on a number of EXPAT forums for most of Europe, which claims that you can receive UK TV channels on an 60cm dish and the signals are from the satellite.. They claim (again!) that this is perfectly legal.

Its true, they are from a satellite - but not the main UK TV channels satellites - they are using a totally different satellite to rebroadcast channels to Spain. In fact, in essence, all that they are doing is rebroadcasting free to air channels via a satellite and not via a land based mast - like the current rebroadcasters.

Some "distributors" of this system are saying that it is all in HD...which is about 1% of the sense. They are using HD technology to compress 24 channels onto one frequency. Non of the channels are in HD, although you do need a HD receiver to decode these channels.

They are also stop people stealing their "stolen" signals.

Again, be wary of people offering this system. It comes with all the risks of a normal rebroadcaster, transmitting channels without the channel permission. Although many laws in the EU state that you can freely rebroadcast channels that are available free on satellite, many of these companies are overlooking all the national, EU and international copyright laws, that state that you can only broadcast copyrighted material (i.e. channels) "with the owners permission".

The BBC have reiterated the point that they do not licence any company in any EU country (apart from in Holland and in Switzerland) to rebroadcast their channels or copyrighted material, and those that would wish to do so would have to seek permission from them.

The kit is at least 500 euros and will require a annual subscription - I have see this to be around 200 to 300 euros a year. Bear in mind that some of the channels offered can be easily received in Spain FOR FREE on an 80cm dish!!

Discussion of this service has been removed from many satellite and expat forums due to questions over its legality, and so far investigations have not revealed the company who is operating these signals...something I am sure their clients would like to see before spending a large amount of money on this service.

I have heard that the UK broadcasters are pursuing legal options with the satellite operator. These "new" rebroadcasters are using Intelsat - a satellite which is also used for distributing Freeview to the UK, and for links and feeds (i.e. used by news channels), and this satellite operating company has close business ties with many official broadcasters.

I have never endorse or installed rebroadcast systems, and will never do so, until a true legal rebroadcast system that has all the required permissions from UK TV hcannels is available. Unfortunatly tthis could be a very long time in coming.

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