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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Famaval Portuguese Dishes (1.8 1.9 2.4m) in Spain

A number of clients I have installed big 2.4m dishes for have commented that "I am not installing the Famaval Portuguese dish" I promised and quoted them. After assuring them I was (they are unique in the fact they have 24 holes around the rim for extention panels!") I asked them what triggered their question.

Apparently all Famaval dishes have the Famaval logo painted on them, to try and discourage installers from claiming dishes are Famavals when they are not.

All I can say is not all Famaval dishes have the Famaval logo painted on them! None of the Famaval 2.4m dishes I have installed this year have had the Famaval logo on them.

In fact you are able to identify that the 2.4m satellite dish you have is a Famaval 2.4m satellite dish, as it has a future proof option. You are able to extend a 2.4m satellite dish to 3.1m with panels.

This dish is easily distinguishable by the 24 small holes drilled round its perimeter for these panels to be fitted if need be in the future.

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