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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My installer says I need a Sky viewing card or else I will lose my BBC.

"My installer says I need a Sky viewing card or else I will loose my BBC."

I have been hearing this a few times in the last few weeks, sparked by the new White sky card that are being issued, and many people wondering what channels they will and will not be able to received if they do not have new white sky viewing card.

Many people are stil under the impression thatthey need a sky card, or even subscribe to sky with a monthly subscription payment, to be able to receive BBC channels.

BBC channels have been available for the last 6 years without a Sky viewing card.

You do not need a new white sky viewing card to view the BBC channels.

You do not even need a viewing card for many ITV1 regions, ITV2,3,4, or the Channels 4 channels.

You do need a viewing card for
ITV1 (in these regions only: Anglia W, Central SW, Mer N, Mer SE, TT S, Yorks E)
Channel 4 channels on frequency 12480
Channel 4 HD
Sky 3

And whilst I am here talking about viewing cards, someone emailed me saying they asked an installer if they could buy a new white freesatfromsky viewing card, and told Yes, but they will only work in our digiboxes, so you will also need to buy the digibox!!!!!

To say I was shocked was an understatement!!!
Many sky cards are interchangeable (at the moment anyway!) for many channels (except the Sky Sports and Movies channels) and so all that needed to be done was the card dealer just calls sky and gets the new card "paired" to the clients existing sky box!!
You do not need a new sky box unless your existing box is not working, not because you need a new white viewing card.

And one caller wanted me to confirm what thier installer had said to them She would need to buy a new sky box when Spain swicthes off their analogue TV signals and transfers to digital as the sky box will not work when these signals are switched off!!!!!!
Sky has been Digital for over 10 years now, and as Spanish TV is received via the TV aerial, the two systems are totally independant of each other.
You do not need to buy a new sky digibox because Spains TV system is changing!!

Some of the crap spouted by some "installers" or "companies" is totally unbeliveable.

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