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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sky Cards to stop working on Non Sky (eg Darkbox and other multicam) receivers?

A few months ago I posted about this issue on some other forums and got shot down, however, recent reports say that Sky Italia, who use the same NDS encryption as Sky UK, have recently changed their encryption algorithm.

This has been done in an attempt to try restrict the use of their Sky subscription viewing cards in non sky boxes, and, more importantly, to try stop the card sharing networks using their viewing cards.

Many card sharing networks are reporting having problems in the last few days, just after it was noticed the change in the encryption algorithm.

It is speculated that this change in encryption algorithm will also cause issues with using the Sky Italia viewing cards cards in non Sky Italia boxes.

A few years ago card sharing was more of a hobbiest thing, with people just playing around with their receivers to see what can be received. However, in the last few years card sharing has become more popular, and it can be said that the satellite broadcasters are starting to lose a large amount of subscription revenue and so it has become more financially viable for them to spend money on counteracting card sharing.

Theere have also been reports that Sky UK have had a few tests with the new encryption, and this has caused the back out of some channels on non sky receivers, but also due to their age, it also affected some older sky receivers!

It could well be that the days for using your Sky subscription viewing card in non Sky receivers are numbered.

If you are offered an installation with a non Sky receiver for using your Sky card in it may be worth asking your installer / supplier about the swapping the non Sky box for a Sky box if and when this becomes a reality.

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