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Friday, October 30, 2009

Sky TV In Spain

Sky TV in Spain

The UKs main pay / subscription satellite TV service, Sky, operates on the satellites at 28 degrees east of south. These Sky channels are broadcast with encryption, and can only be viewed by the use of a Sky subscription card. The amount of channels that are “unblocked” will depend on the subscription charge you pay.

As far as I know, it is NOT illegal to use a Sky viewing cards or watch Sky subscription TV channels outside of the UK. However, you are breaking the terms and conditions of you Sky contract, which states that the Sky viewing card is only for use within the UK only. This is Sky’s method of ensuring that their contracts with the film, sports and other TV program makers is satisfied, as a Sky card can only be issued to a UK address.

Sometimes best to ask a family member or a friend in the UK to order a Sky card at their address on your behalf. The Sky contract that is received will need to be signed by the name of the person you have used. Once the contract has been received by Sky they will then issue the Sky card to the UK address. The card will need to be put in its Digibox, and then you and your UK contact will have to contact Sky to get the card activated, they will require the information from the sky receiver on the system details screen (Services, 4, 6)

The minimum term of a Sky contract is 12 months.

The Sky contact also states that the Sky card and Sky decoder must be connected to a UK telephone line. However, this is only true if you have had your card and decoder supplied by Sky. In the UK Sky heavily discount the installation cost. All equipment is their property for 12 months, and to ensure that it stays where is should they require the decoder to call back to the Sky computers every so often. After 12 months the equipment (dish and decoder) is yours and you can disconnect them from the telephone system. With installations in Spain, you are personally buying the decoders and dish so the equipment is yours from the start and although, as you did not get the equipment direct from a Sky you do not need to connect to the telephone system.

Note that’s this does not apply to the Sky Multiroom service. This service provides two cards with the same subscriptions for the cost of one card plus £10. However, the contact for this service states that both decoders and cards must be connected to the telephone system. If the boxes fail to contact the Sky computer then you will be charged full price for both cards. This stops people from bringing their second decoder and card to Spain.

Note that there are no "Authorised Sky Card Agents" or "Official Sky Card Dealers" or "Official Sky Authorised Agents" outside the UK. Sky do not authorise anyone outside the UK and ROI to sell or distribute their viewng cards. Any company claiming this should be avoided.

Also note that if you have a UK Address that you can register your sky card at, then do so. Should you do this via an company or agent in Spain then you should not have to pay a Yearly Fee. Some companies or agents charge a Yearly Fee for the client to "borrow" a UK address, but why should you pay a Yearly Fee if you provide your own!

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