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Sunday, March 7, 2010

English Satellite TV Costa Blanca Spain

English Satellite TV Costa Blanca Spain

Many of the British TV channels available in the UK are also available in Spain. Many of them like BBC and ITV are available for free with no monthly subscription. And with the likes of Sky digiboxes and Freesat receivers, choosing programmes to watch is simple with their full 7 day programme guides.

Many English satellite TV channels can be received using a small satellite dish, say about an 80cm dish. But, for the more mainstream UK TV channels like BBC TV and ITV, because the signal is weaker in Spain than in the UK, you need a fairly large satellite dish in order to catch that signal effectively.

This weaker satellite signal is because one of the four satellites providing the UK with satellite television is a narrow beamed satellite, meaning its signal is focused tightly on the UK. This is the Astra 2d satellite.

The farther away from the UK you go, the weaker the strength of this satellites signal. In order to ensure you can receive a good signal where you are a bigger satellite dish is required.

The size of the satellite dish you need as part of your UK satellite television installation will depend on the area of Spain in which you live. For most of southern Spain, such as the Costa del Sol and the Almeria areas, a 1.2-1.3 metre dish should be sufficient. In other parts of the Spain, like the Costa Blanca - Alicante to Valencia regions - you'll need a larger dish to get Sky TV in Spain, with up to 1.8 or 2.4 metre dishes being needed to be installed for UK satelite TV.

English language channels are not only restricted to UK TV channels. FOr many years Spanish TV has operated a DUAL sound system. This means that on some UK nd USA movies, the movie is transmited in both Spanish and in English. This has now been impliemnted by the Spansih digital TV system - TDT. For many of the UK and USA imported TV programmes, just one press of a button on a remote control can change the Spanish dubbed language in to English language.

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