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Thursday, July 22, 2010

ADMC Frequencies for Nilesat and Badr / Arabsat Premier League football

ADMC Sport have the rights for all 380 plus English Premiership football matches.

For this you will require a ADMC receiver, that has a 12 month subscription built in.

You may also need to have your satellite dish realigned.

Reception of ADMS Sport on the Nilesat / Atlantic Bird satellites on the Costa Blanca Spain requires a satellite dish of at least 1.25m, and even larger depending on your location. This is because the Atlantic Bird satellite at 7 West has a narrow beam designed for Africa only.

However ADMS Sports channels are also available on the Badr / Arabsat satellite located at 26 east. An 80cm dish should be sufficient to receive these signals.

So those people who wre watching the Showtime system last year wil need their dish and receivers realigned and replaced.

ADMC Frequencies for Nilesat / AB4 7 West
11449 H 27500-3/4
11488 H 27500-5/6 8PSK

ADMC Frequencies for BAdr / Arabsat at 26 east
11766 H 27500-5/6 8PSK

These signal frequencies may change later, as they are still in "test phase".

Also, these channels are in High Definition. The ADMC Sport Humax receiver is a HD receivers. It does not matter if you do not have HD TV technology available to you, as you can still watch HD channels on a SD (Standard definition) TV, although you will not see the quality of the high definition picture.

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