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Saturday, July 31, 2010

ADMC Sport and English Premier League football satellite details and receiver information

ADMC Sport on Nilesat and Badr satellites

Abu Dhabi Sports 2010-2011, ADMC Sport Barclays Premier League Football & Showtime Showsports

Abu Dhabi Media Company is one of only a few satellite broadcaster available in Europe to offer all, yes all 380, English Premier League football games, all LIVE. And in High Definition.

(Contrary to what some other "installers" are saying ADMC Sports are not the only broadcaster to show all 380 games LIVE, but their signal is the easier to receive in Spain than some of the other packages offering the 380 live matches!)

The FA Premier League is, for the first time, broadcasting ALL games in High Definition, not just those games on Sky and ESPN. This even means that Sky Sports "Game of the day" and "Match Choice" and BBC Match of the day will have access to show these games and highlights also in high definition.


Initially, ADMC Sport will be offering their packages with a HD Receiver with a 12 month subscription included / embedded. This is to try and combat card sharing and piracy.

ADMC Sports have also announce that they will also be offering a viewing card / smart card. These will only work in certain Humax HD receivers.

The ADMC Sport subscription included the following channels

HD Sports 1 - 6

Sky News HD

Fox Movies HD

Fox Series HD

National Geographic Abu Dhabi HD

ADMC Sport Reception and Frequencies for the Costa Blanca Spain

Reception of ADMS Sport on the Nilesat / Atlantic Bird satellites on the Costa Blanca Spain requires a satellite dish of at least 1.25m, and even larger depending on your location. This is because the Atlantic Bird satellite at 7 West has a narrow beam designed for Africa only.

However ADMS Sports channels are also available on the Badr / Arabsat satellite located at 26 east. An 80cm dish should be sufficient to receive these signals, with larger 1m satellite dishes in some areas been needed.

ADMC Frequencies for Nilesat / AB4 7 West
11449 H 27500-3/4
11488 H 27500-5/6 8PSK

ADMC Frequencies for BAdr / Arabsat at 26 east
11766 H 27500-5/6 8PSK

These signal frequencies may change later, as they are still in "test phase".

You will also be able to receieve the following hcannels as they ar also available on Badr / Arabsat and Nilesat.


MBC Action

MBC Persia



Fox Movies.

Fox Series

Dubai One

City 7

MTV Arabia

BBC World News

of which further details can be found here - Badr / Arabsat / Nilesat English language channels and programmes.

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