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Sunday, July 18, 2010

English Football Premier League - Games on Sky and ESPN - Costa Blanca Spain

Live fixtures up to the end of November (ESPN games in italics):


Sat 14 Tottenham vs Man City 12.45pm

Sat 14 Chelsea v West Brom 5:30pm

Sun 15 Liverpool vs Arsenal 4pm

Mon 16 Man United vs Newcastle 8pm

Sat 21 Wigan vs Chelsea 5.15pm

Sun 22 Newcastle v Aston Villa 1:30pm

Sun 22 Fulham vs Man United 4pm

Mon 23 Man City vs Liverpool 8pm

Sat 28 Blackburn vs Arsenal 12.45pm

Sat 28 Manchester United v West Ham United 5:30pm

Sun 29 Bolton vs Birmingham 1.30pm

Sun 29 Aston Villa vs Everton 4pm


Sun 12 Everton vs Man United 1.30pm

Sun 12 Birmingham vs Liverpool 4pm

Mon 13 Stoke vs Aston Villa 8pm

Sat 18 Stoke vs West Ham 12.45pm

Sat 18 Sunderland v Arsenal 5:30pm

Sun 19 Man United vs Liverpool 1.30pm

Sun 19 Chelsea vs Blackpool 4pm

Sat 25 Man City vs Chelsea 12.45pm

Sat 25 Bolton v Man United 5:30pm

Sun 26 Wolves vs Aston Villa 2pm

Sun 26 Newcastle vs Stoke 4.10pm


Sun 3 Man City v Newcastle 1:30pm

Sun 3 Chelsea vs Arsenal 4pm

Mon 4 Wigan vs Wolves 8pm

Sat 16 Aston Villa v Chelsea 5:30pm

Sun 17 Everton vs Liverpool 1.30pm

Sun 17 Blackpool vs Man City 4pm

Mon 18 Blackburn vs Sunderland 8pm

Sat 23 Tottenham vs Everton 12.45pm

Sat 23 West Ham vs Newcastle 5.30pm

Sun 24 Stoke vs Man United 1.30pm

Sun 24 Man City vs Arsenal 4pm

Sat 30 Manchester United v Tottenham 5:30pm

Sun 31 Bolton vs Liverpool 1.30pm

Sun 31 Newcastle vs Sunderland 4pm


Mon 1 Blackpool vs West Brom 8pm

Sat 6 Bolton vs Spurs 12.45pm

Sun 7 Arsenal vs Newcastle 1.30pm

Sun 7 Liverpool vs Chelsea 4pm

Tue 9 West Ham vs West Brom 8pm

Wed 10 Man City vs Man United 8pm

Sat 13 Aston Villa vs Man United 12.45pm

Sat 13 Stoke v Liverpool 5:30pm

Sun 14 Everton vs Arsenal 2pm

Sun 14 Chelsea vs Sunderland 4.10pm

Sat 20 Liverpool v West Ham 5:30pm

Sun 21 Arsenal vs Tottenham 1.30pm

Sun 21 Fulham vs Man City 4pm

Mon 22 Sunderland vs Everton 8pm

Sat 27 Aston Villa vs Arsenal 12.45pm

Sun 28 Newcastle vs Chelsea 1.30pm

Sun 28 Tottenham vs Liverpool 4pm

TVE and Teledeporte do NOT have the Spanish TV rights for English Premiership football for the next few seasons. Canal+Futbol and GOLTV will be sharing the games, and you can expect about 5 live games each weekend, including those above and at elast one 3pm kickoff on Saturdays.
Other pay satellite TV packages are also available, like Sky Italia, Sky Germany, Nova, and ADMC (taken over from Showtime on Nilesat). At the moment it is thought that only ADMC have the rights to ALL games, although the others will have about the same as Canal+ and GOL TV, ie five live matches a weekend.

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