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Friday, July 2, 2010

Question: Freeview reception in Spain?

"freeview reception in spain"

This is a common question asked by people, even on Google.

So here is the answer.

You cannot get Freeview in Spain.

There is no Freeview reception available in Spain.

No satellite TV installer in Spain can get Freeview reception in Spain - dispite what some of the "cowboy" say.

"Freeview" is the brand name of a UK Digital Terrestrial TV service.

It is transmitted from TV transmitters in the UK - ie terrestrial transmitters - such as Emly Moor, Sutton Colefield and Crystal Palace.

The nearest Freeview transmitter to Spain is in Cornwall.

Freeview is not transmitted on a powerful enough transmitter for Freeview to be received in Spain. If it was then the UK would only need one transmitter mast!

Using a Freeview digibox in Spain will NOT allow you to watch the UK TV channels. A UK Freeview box in Spain will only be able to receive the Spanish TV channels like TVE, Sexta and Cuarto, as these Spanish TV channels are the only chanels transmitted terrestrially in Spain.

I suppose that is is also similar as to why TVE is not available on Freeview in the UK!

However, many channels available on Freeview are also available on satellite - for free. These channels include: BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, Five.

There are also channels that are available for free on the Freeview system that you have to pay for, via a Sky TV subscription and viewing card, on satellite - like Dave, UK History.

You cannot use a Freeview receiver / digibox to receive Freesat TV or Sky TV. Freeview receivers are not compatiable with satellite signals and as such, Freesat TV and Sky TV receivers are not compatiable with Freeview terrestrial siganls (although there may be some combined Freesat Freeview receivers available.)

In Spain, you do have a digital terrestrial TV service, called Television Digital Terrstrial - TDT.

It delivers up to 30 digital TV channels. These are Spanish TV channels. There are no UK TV channels available on TDT. However, you can, in many cases, changed the imported American and UK programmes from their dubbed Spanish audio soundtrack into their original English lanaguage audio soundtrack.

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