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Monday, July 26, 2010

Strange Channel 4 reception in the Costa Blanca the last few weeks.

Contrary to some other installers who have said that just over a week ago transponder 41, frequency 10714 h, that carries the freesat / free to air FTA version of Channel 4, did experience some problem. Unconfirmed reports suggest it was some form of power drop.

Channel 4 reception on the Costa Blanca Spain was much weaker than normal and on this one day Channel 4 on this frequency was lost in weak reception areas for one day from about 1030am until 8pm.

Where I am based Channel 4 on this frequency was breaking up and almost unwatchable during this time, a time when normally is it fine.

This issue was reported around the southern most fringe areas of Astra 2d reception - ie Mediterreanean areas.

It lasted was only for that short period of time on one day.

It affected only this one Astra 2d transponder, as all other Astra 2d transponders, even the other much weaker 2d horizontals, were fine.

The following day reception was reported as being fine and back to normal.

However, since last Thursday, there have been sporadic reports (not as many reports as before so I am a bit more wary of it this time) of C4 reception again being poorer, although I personally have not seen any changes in reception levels.

I wonder if the "fading" effect, due to humidity, heat and being close to the sea, that has been affecting some TDT reception around coastal areas can also affect satellite transmission... I am sure they can....although we have had hotter days prior to the day the C4 levels dropped...

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