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Saturday, February 19, 2011

"I heard recently that the EU says I can use my Sky card in Spain?"

One of the most asked questions that I have been asked in the last few weeks is "Can I use my Sky card in Spain? I heard on the news the EU says I can!"

A lot of these questions have been asked since it was reported in the last few weeks, that a pub landlady in the UK in in court for using a non Sky card in the UK for watching live UK football in her pub,and that the EU has rules that you can use other pay tv viewignc ards in other Eu countries.

This is not the case and there has, as at February 19th, no offical or legal ruling on this case.

Some of this has been covered on our forum

Pub landlady vs Premier League and TV Broadcast rights across Europe

but still I get send emails and phonce calls saying "It is now OK to use a Sky crd in Spain!".

Well, firstly, nothing has changed at all with these recent reports.

It is still against the terms and conditions of your Sky contract to use a Sky card outside the UK and ROI. Sky will, if they know that the card is being used outside the UK, turn the card off. But many expats and holiday makers do bring their cards to Spain to use.

You can still bring and use your UK Sky card in another Sky receiver Spain. All Sky cards will work in ANY Sky receiver for the "6 mix" channels, however you will not be able to watch the Sky Sports and Sky Movie channels, as these are sky box specific and will only be available on the sky cards "home" box. This is one of the times you may see the on screen message "This is the wrong card for this set top box"

This is not really a problem if you dont have the sports or movie channels, although there are some non Sky boxes that do, at the moment, read and open the Sky Sports and Sky Movie channels.

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