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Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011 Rugby World Cup on ITV1 and ITV4 and ITVHD

The match schedule for the 2011 Rugby World Cup on ITV1 and ITV4 and ITVHD

Friday 9th September
New Zealand v Tonga Pool A 9.30am (UK time) ITV1 Auckland

Saturday 10th September
Scotland v Romania Pool B 2am ITV1 Invercargill
Fiji v Namibia Pool D 4.30am ITV1 Rotorua
France v Japan Pool A 7am ITV1 Auckland
Argentina v England Pool B 9.30am ITV1 Dunedin

Sunday 11th September
Australia v Italy Pool C 4.30am ITV1 Auckland
Ireland v USA Pool C 7am ITV1 New Plymouth
South Africa v Wales Pool D 9.30am ITV1 Wellington

Wednesday 14th September
Samoa v Namibia Pool D 3.30am ITV1 Rotorua
Tonga v Canada Pool A 6am ITV4 Whangarei
Scotland v Georgia Pool B 8.30am ITV1 Invercargill

Thursday 15th September
Russia v USA Pool C 8.30am ITV4 New Plymouth

Friday 16th September
New Zealand v Japan Pool A 9am ITV1 Hamilton

Saturday 17th September
Argentina v Romania Pool B 4.30am ITV1 Invercargill
South Africa v Fiji Pool D 7am ITV1 Wellington
Australia v Ireland Pool C 9.30am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 18th September
Wales v Samoa Pool D 4.30am ITV1 Hamilton
England v Georgia Pool B 7am ITV1 Dunedin
France v Canada Pool A 9.30am ITV1 Napier

Tuesday 20th September
Italy v Russia Pool C 8.30am ITV4 Nelson

Wednesday 21st September
Tonga v Japan Pool A 8.30am ITV4 Whangarei

Thursday 22nd September
South Africa v Namibia Pool D 9am ITV4 Auckland

Friday 23rd September
Australia v USA Pool C 9.30am ITV1 Wellington

Saturday 24th September
England v Romania Pool B 7am ITV1 Dunedin
New Zealand v France Pool A 9.30am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 25th September
Fiji v Samoa Pool D 3.30am ITV1 Auckland
Ireland v Russia Pool C 6am ITV1 Rotorua
Argentina v Scotland Pool B 8.30am ITV1 Wellington

Monday 26th September
Wales v Namibia Pool D 7.30am ITV1 New Plymouth

Tuesday 27th September
Canada v Japan Pool A 5am ITV4 Napier
Italy v USA Pool C 7.30am ITV4 Nelson

Wednesday 28th September
Georgia v Romania Pool B 7.30am ITV4 Palmerston North

Friday 30th September
South Africa v Samoa Pool D 8.30am ITV4 Auckland

Saturday 1st October
Australia v Russia Pool C 3.30am ITV1 Nelson
France v Tonga Pool A 6am ITV1 Wellington
England v Scotland Pool B 8.30am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 2nd October
Argentina v Georgia Pool B 1am ITV1 Palmerston North
New Zealand v Canada Pool A 3.30am ITV1 Wellington
Wales v Fiji Pool D 6am ITV1 Hamilton
Ireland v Italy Pool C 8.30am ITV1 Dunedin

Saturday 8th October
Winner C v Runner-up D QF1 6am ITV1 Wellington
Winner B v Runner-up A QF2 8.30am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 9th October
Winner D v Runner-up C QF3 6am ITV1 Wellington
Winner A v Runner-up B QF4 8.30am ITV1 Auckland

Saturday 15th October
Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 SF1 9am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 16th October
Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 SF2 9am ITV1 Auckland

Friday 21st October
Loser SF1 v Loser SF2 Playoff 8.30am ITV4 Auckland

Sunday 23rd October
Winners SF1 v Winner SF2 Final 9am ITV1 Auckland

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