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Friday, August 19, 2011

Have you recently lost True Movies...well it has changed frequency.

True Movies and a few other channels have recently changed frequencies.

The channel affected are

Chart Show
Dance Nation
Pop Girl / +1
The Vault
Tiny Pop / +1
True Ent
True Movies 1
True Movies 2

The new frequency for these channels will be 11307V 27500 2/3

If you use a Sky box or a freesat box then the changes will be done automatically.

If you are using a non sky or non freesat receiver - a generic receiver - then, should you wish to still receive these channels then you will need to perform a rescan of the new frequency.


  1. Hi I am getting sky news and Channel 5 and ITV1 but cant get true movies on 11307 V 27500 23, anyone know why__Thanks

  2. Can be a number of reasons: your dish is too small to receive these channels in your location, your dish is not aligned propperly to receive these channels, your LNB is not the best, your LNB Skew is not correct, your receiver is not the best to receive these channels