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Monday, September 12, 2011

BBC Astra Satellite Frequency Changes in September and October 2011 - may affect your Sky TV / BBC TV reception in Spain

The BBC is making some changes to BBC News, BBC Parliament and BBC Alba.

These channels will be moving from their present transponder / frequency (11954/H/27500), which is available nice and easy for expats as it is a wide European beam, to transponders / frequencies on the narrow beam Astra 2D.

This will mean that expats wanting to watch these three channels, BBC News, BBC Parliament and BBC Alba, and who cannot receive the narrow beam Astra 2 transmissions where domestic BBC, ITV, Channel4 and Channel 5 are to be found, will be affected, as they will no longer be able tor recevie these channels.

The changes are due to BBC cost cutting and the corporation will also be cutting the number of Red Button streams, thus releasing a whole wide band transponder, and saving the BBC an estimated £5m a year, by no longer renting that transponder.

This will also mean that those people who use a Sky box, and the BBC News Red Button service to access the BBC Sports Red Button serives, will no longer have access to a BBC channel to launch the red button appplication, and so they will lose access to the sports on those "bbc streams.

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