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Friday, September 23, 2011

Have you lost BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament on a small satellite dish in Spain?

As discussed on

the BBC are cost cutting and reducing the number of BBC satellite TV frequencies they use for their BBC satellite TV channels.

This means that BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament will no longer be available on a small satellite dish in Spain.

Freesat box users may already have noticed that if you try to watch BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament ona small satellite dish in Spain, then you may be getting a "no signal" message on your screen.

This is because your Freesat receiver has been updated to look at the new BBC TV frequencies for BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament. The new satellite tv frequencies for BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament are only available on "big 1.8m 1.9m 2.4m satellite dishes" in Spain and the Costa Blanca.

It is expected that Sky box users in Spain using a small satellite dish will notice they are getting a "no satellite signal being received" message from Monday 26th September, when Sky box frequencies for BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament are changed.

The new frequencies for BBC News BBC Alba and BBC Parliament are:

BBC News frequency 10803 H 22000 5/6
BBC Alba frequency 10818 V 22000 5/6
BBC Parliament frequency 10788 V 22000 5/6


  1. Hey Have a problem, this one is from Astra 2D even lost them on Astra 2A South Beam, could you post the new frequencies of these channels of Astra 2A, lost them this evening. Thanks

  2. Is there anyway we can change the frequency that you have given us, I'm a bit confused how to do it, I know the normal one of 12207.

  3. As the post says, BBC News Alba and Parliament moved from Astra 2a to Astra 2d. Theya re no longer available on Astra 2d, hence why the frequencies are for them on their new location on Astra 2d.

  4. IF you are using a SKy box or a Freesat box then they will automatically update the channels on the Sky Guide and FReesat Guide with the new frequencies, so there is no need to do anything.

    On Frequency 12207 there are only about 5 or 6 channels on that frequency (including Sky News). Your Sky box will use whichever of the 95+ frequencies it needs to use for the channel you have selected. Once you have channels on your box your manullay input default frequency is ignorede and does not do anything else.

  5. Am in Madrid and although have never received BBC we always had BBC News - Channel 503. This has now been lost. Any chance of finding on manual search?

  6. BBC News is on Sky channel 503.
    If you cannot receive it on Sky channel 503, then your dish is too small to receive BBC News in your location.
    No amount of manual searching will find it, as it is only on one frequency - the frequency used for BBC News on 503.

  7. I am near Alicante, about 50km inland. I have a 2.4m dish and can no longer receive 503 BBC News 24, and neither can friends who have Sky or Freesat (Humax boxes).

  8. Because, as per this post states, and others ave commented on, and my replies to those comments, BBC News has moved frequencies, to a much weaker frequency than before, on a different satellite. IF you can no longer receive it that is beacasuse your dish is too small to receive BBC News on its new frequency. Just like it will be too small to receive BBC 2 England on 102...the two channels are on very similar frequencies. It makes no difference if you are using a sky or freesat box, the signal they use is the same. If you want BBC News back then you will need a bigger dish, or move to an are where the signal is better, like north of Valencia!