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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Channel 4 HD - change of frequencies for reception on Sky HD and Freesat HD

Channel 4 HD has today changed frequency.

It is no longer available on its old frequency of 12606 V.

Channel 4 HDs new frequency is now 11123 V 22000 2/3

This new frequency for C4HD is on the new Astra 1N satellite.

This new Channel 4 HD frequency has a very good strong signal here in Spain and the Costa Blanca, and should be easily available on an 80cm satellite dish.

Sky HD boxes will automatcially change to the new Channel 4 HD frequency, and users need to do nothing.

Freesat HD boxes should also change to the new C4 HD frequency, but in some cases a Freesat scan may be required.

Any other receivers will need to be manually updated, via the installation menu, for the new C4 HD frequency on Astra 1N

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