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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sky Boxes in Spain. Sky Digiboxes in Spain. Sky HD Boxes

Here are some of the Sky, Sky+, Sky HD and Sky+HD boxes and receivers that are used in Spain

Sky HD and Sky+HD Digiboxes

bskyb sky+hd DRX 890 DRX 895 digibox

Sky+HD DRX890 Digibox

More information
bskyb sky+hd DRX595 digibox

Sky+HD DRX595 Digibox

More Information
bskyb sky+hd Thomson DS18215 digibox

Sky+HD Thomson DS18215 Digibox

More information
Sky+ Digiboxes  
bskyb sky+ pace 3100 digibox

Sky+ Pace 3100 Digibox

More Information
Sky+ Digibox Pace TDS470N Sky Plus

Sky+ Pace TDS470N Digibox

More Information
bskyb sky+ Amstrad DRX 280 digibox

Sky+ Amstrad DRX 280 Digibox

More Information
Sky Digiboxes  
bskyb pace 2600 c1 digibox

Sky Pace 2600 Digibox

More Information
bskyb pace DS430N digibox

Sky Pace DS430N Digibox

More Information
bskyb Pace 440 445 digibox

Sky Pace 440 445 Digibox

More Information
bskyb Thomson DSI4214 digibox

Sky Thomson DSI4214 Digibox

More Information

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