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Monday, July 30, 2012

Humax issues Olympics recording glitch fix

A glitch which meant some viewers of Freesat digital TV could not record coverage of the Olympics has been fixed, manufacturer Humax has said.
Owners of the company's bestselling Foxsat-HDR set-top box will receive an "over-air-download" to solve the problem at 0300 BST on Tuesday.
"We've worked really hard with Freesat to make sure we can get this fix out as soon as possible," a spokeswoman said.
"We now have a fix that we know is working."
The spokeswoman added that software engineers had been working through the weekend to solve the problem which related to encoding issues.
It meant viewers could not record any of the BBC's 24 live streams from the Games - although they could still watch them.
"The problem exists because in the way that the stream is being encoded the box cannot build the required PVR [personal video recorder indexing correctly]," wrote Bob Hannent, Humax's senior technology manager, last week.
"This causes it to get confused and believe the recording is zero in time. Other devices use other indexing mechanisms. The problem is now understood."
Standby mode

Monday's update can be applied by simply leaving the set-top box in standby mode overnight, the company said.
"A software update has been sent to boxes via an OAD (over-air-download) so all Humax freesat+ boxes left in standby will automatically update overnight (around 3am).
"Once the update has finished, viewers will be able to record the 24 BBC Olympic channels (151 - 174) from the EPG as usual."
Alternatively, viewers can update the box manually by going to "Menu, Setup, Software Update and selecting Automatic Update".
Any existing recordings or recording schedules will not be affected, the company said.


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