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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Possible reception changes for to UK TV in Spain - Eutelsat 28A / Eurobird 1

Eutelsat have said that Eutelsat 48b has arrived at 28.5e.

28.5e is the location of their UK TV satellite Eutelsat 28A - formally known as Eurobird 1.
Eutelsat 28A / Eurobird 1 carries a number of UK TV channels, many of the free to air UK TV channels, such as True Movies, CBS Action, CBS Drama, Food Network, Challenge, and many Sky Pay TV channels also.

It looks like reports of drop in power on Eutelsat 28A / Eurobird 1 may be true and Eutelsat will simply swap the channels on Eutelsat 28A / Eurobird 1 over to Eutelsat 48B/ Eurobird 28B.

Most of the chanenls on Eutelsat 28A / Eurobird 1 are free to air channels, channel like True Movies and Horror Channel.

It will be unknown what reception of the channels will be like if / when they are moved over to Eutelsat 28B

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