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Friday, September 14, 2012

Film4 HD and More4HD coming soon to Sky HD

Two new High Definition channels, Film4 HD and More4HD, to set to join Sky+HD.

This means Film4HD and More4 HD will only be available to Sky HD subbscribers.

They will not be available to Freesat HD users.

Following on from the launch of Channel 4 HD and E4 HD, both of which first launched to UK viewers through the Sky platform, two further channels will become available to Sky's 4.3 million high definition customers for the first time - Film4 HD and More 4 HD.

This will complete the HD roll-out of Channel 4's core channel portfolio, which began in 2006 when Channel 4 became the first commercial Public Service Broadcaster to launch an HD service.

This means that Sky homes will be able to access 66 HD channels, further extending Sky's HD leadership. Sky+HD is Europe's most comprehensive and popular HD service.


  1. freesat and freeview treated like second class citizens again by channel 4 this needs sorted out by ofcom and office of fair trading and others channel 4 need to get film4 hd on to freesat and freeview at the same time as sky if they do not they will be in trouble they promised freesat viewers that film4 hd will be on freesat in 2012 asswell as virgin and sky they have went back on there word to lose viewers

  2. C4 have no obligation whatsoever to have Film 4, Film 4 HD, E4, E4HD, More4, More4 HD on Freesat or Freeview or Sky. Which services have these channels on is up to C4 and will be driven by commercial objectives. The only obligation they have, and probably Ofcom and OFT can control, is the C4 is available on all platforms, as part of its Public Service remit.

    I dont think they ever promised Film4 HD would be on Freesat in 2012. I think they said it would be available via on satellite in 2012.

    Its the same for ITV2HD, ITV3HD and ITV4HD, not on Freesat, only on SkyHD as part of the Sky HD subscription, and ITV are under no obligation to put these on Freesat.