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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some SKY TV channels move to their new European beam on Astra 2F - loss of some channels in some areas, like Canary Islands

New UK TV Satellite News:

It appears that some of the Sky PAY channels are in the process of moving from their old satellite to their new satellite.

It has been reported today some Sky PAY channels may have moved from their old satellite (Astra 2a and 2B) to their new satellite, Astra 2F.

Reports suggest that some channels have moved to the new "European beam" on 2F.

We know something is happening as people in the "extreme fringe reception areas" are reporting a loss of channels today, in areas like the Canary Islands.

Channels that are affected include:
Channel 5HD
Dave HD
Watch HD
Gold Comedy Central HD
Pick TV
Sky News SD
Discovery HD
Sky Sports 3 HD
Sky Sports News HD
Animal Planet HD
Nat Geo HD
Eden HD

So, what does this mean for Sky TV reception on the mainland of Spain

As the channels are moving from their old beams, which even 2.4m dishes may have struggled to receive 24/7, to a new "European beam" on Asta 2F, this may mean that some of the channels that were lost mid afternoon, may now be available 24/7...and maybe even available on 1m dishes here in the Costa Blanca / Valencia area.

UPDATE: This satellite move by Sky channels can be confirmed. In my service area, some of the channels affected were not available 24/7 even on the "big 2.4m satellite dishes". Today, some of them are fine and stable on my 80cm satellite dish. Thus confirming their move from Astra 2A North beam, to Astra 2F European Beam

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