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Sunday, June 9, 2013

BBC Red Button services join Freesat

As previously mentioned ( ) the BBC have been testing some new channels, or rather BBC Red Button channels.

Presumably this will be for the duration of thee summer so that they can use it for multiple matches during Wimbledon and for their Glastonbury coverage.

In the last few days two of these "BBC Red Button" channels have been added to Freesat receivers.

BBC Red Button 1 HD is now on Freesat channel 980
BBC Red Button 1 SD is now on Freesat channel 981

They are not yet available on a Sky box, but presumably they will be part of the BBC Red Button service via the Red Button Menu, as in previous years.

They can be added NOW to non SKy and non Freesat boxes using the following frequencies:

BBC Red Button 1 SD tagged as '6390' is on 10.773 H 22000
BBC Red Button 1 HD tagged as '8900' is on 11.023 H 23000 HD

In addition, the two other channels tagged as 54380 and 54381 on frequency 12.643 V, SR 27.500, FEC 2/3 and are showing a BBC test loop, and showing BBC Red Button on their programme information banner. They are still showing a BBC test loop. Will this mean more BBC Red button streams using these two channels?

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