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Thursday, February 6, 2014

BBC Spain - Satellite move - changes in reception - details here

Over night (6th February 2014) the BBC channels moved from their temporary home on Astra 1N to their new home on Astra 2E.

They have moved to a much "tighter" beam, meaning a change in reception of those channels in Spain.

Rreception reports are being compiled, and can be found here:

Early indications are that in my service area, a 1m satellite dish is no longer the minimum, and a 1mx110m is the minimum requirement, with a 1.25x1.4m dish to be recommended.

I can confirm that those with "big" dishes, 1.8s and 2.4m in my service area have NOT been affected.

Many people in the Costa del Sol have lost heir BBC channel on their existing dishes.      


  1. Hi
    What can we do on the costa del sol to get bbc etc...

  2. We have lost all bbc etc on Costa del Sol, whats the best solution via satellite