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Sunday, April 27, 2014

What is the best LNB to use for satellite TV in Spain? Inverto Black Ultra LNB?

As UK TV is still available in the Valencia and Costa Blanca areas to receive on satellite dishes, like the 100x110cm and 125x135cm satellite dishes, the LNB used on satellite dish installations is an important piece of equipment in the system.

There are many LNBs available on the market, with satellite installers claiming the one they use is the best.

Claims like the following appear:
"We only use Inverto Black Ultra LNBs"
"The Inverto LNB is far superior to any LNB on the market"
"Inverto Black Ultra LNBs are super dooper and the only LNBs we use".

Well, this is our opinion, based on our tests and experience.

Some of these claims about the Inverto Black Ultra LNBs are true, but only to an extent.

Yes, one of the best performing SINGLE OUTPUT LNBs is the Inverto Black Ultra LNB.
This Inverto Black Ultra LNB really does perform better than just about all other single output LNBs. For clients wanting only a single output, the Inverto Black Ultra LNB is the LNB we use, and have been using for several years.

However, we have found that the two output (TWIN) and 4 output (QUAD) versions of the Inverto Black Ultra LNB range do not perform as well as the single output Inverto Black Ultra LNB.

In fact other makes of LNB outperform the Inverto Black Ultra Twin and Inverto Black Ultra Quad LNBs.

For example, in our tests, the signal levels on the twin and quad Inverto Black Ultra LNBs meant some channels were heavily pixelating. Replacing with another make of LNB that we use, and those channels were no longer pixelating, and the signals levels on our signal meters improved dramatically.  

Our tests were on a 90x100cm satellite dish in the Moraira area. An Inverto Black Ultra Single LNB performed as expected with all BBC and ITV channels coming through. With an Inverto Black Ultra Twin and Quad LNB, many BBC and ITV channels were pixelating.  Using our make of twin and quad LNB, the BBC and ITV channels were received fine, with no pixilation.

This difference in performance of different versions of the same LNB is not unique or new. In the big dish years, the Invacom prime focus LNB was the preferred LNB. The single output version of this LNB was a poor performer when compared to the performance of its TWIN and QUAD versions. Channel reception improved when swapping an single output LNB to a twin or quad LNB.  

So, rather than simply use one brand and make of LNBs, the best satellite installers will use a range of LNBs to give the best performance. Much in the same way the best satellite installers will use a range of satellite dishes, rather than using just the one make.    

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