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Friday, October 17, 2014

Satellite TV in Spain - This weeks Satellite TV News - Friday 17th October 2014

This week’s News - Friday 17th October 2014 

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For UK TV (Sky, Freesat) direct from the satellite, the recommended dish size for my service area is 125x135cm.
We use a Tecatel 125x135cm satellite dish, which we have found to outperform other satellite dishes of similar size - in both signal performance and build quality.
A smaller 100x110cm satellite can be used, which is the bare minimum sized dish for good reception.
Signals can be received on smaller satellite dishes (like the 90x100 "1m" satellite dish), but signals reception will not be stable.
Standard installation of a 125x135cm high performing satellite dish, wall bracket or floor stand, single output high performance LNB, and reasonable single cable run is 275 euros.
Add a Freesat HD satellite receiver, for 125 euros, and you can be watching over 100 subscription free UK TV channels, 11 of which in FULL HD.

Solar outage time - The solar outage, that causes a drop in signals as the satellite moves along the "satellite line" should now almost be over.
Until March 2015

Nick Frost drama Mr Sloane and Chris Addison's Trying Again axed by Sky

Hawaii Five-0 - New Season
Season five gets under way as the team try to prevent a terrorist drone attack.
Sunday, 10:00pm UK/ 11pm Spain
Or watch it now "on Demand".

More and more rumours about the Intelsat 907 satellite system...

UK Sky Cardsharing - more rumours about the potential loss of Sky pay channels from cardsharing services, which are also used by many IPTV pay services to show the Sky pay channels (without permissions of course!)

Will the Premier League make more games available to UK broadcasters at the expense of 3pm kick offs?

Astra 2G - the third and final new UK TV satellite gets a launch date of the 28th November 2014 -

Happy viewing.

Sat and PC Guy

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