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Monday, June 8, 2009

Default Transponder Frequency Settings for Sky Spain and Costa Blanca


When a Sky receiver / digibox / box is turned on the first time the first thing the box tries to do is, amongst other things, to download approximately 6 hours of EPG information from a specific default frequency from the satellite. The digibox must have this information to start to work.
Unfortunately, the default transponder frequency that the decoder is initially set on (11778) is one of the weaker signals in Spain and the Costa Blanca, especially during the afternoons. So should you experience one of Spain frequent power cuts during this period, your digibox may be unable to boot up.

Therefore, to assist the digibox to receive the bare minimum information it requires boot up the default frequency must be changed to another frequency to enable the initial information download.

The best / most popular default transponder frequency for the Costa Blanca Spain is 12.129, although you can use any of the many frequencies that you can actually receive at the time. Yes ANY frequency will work, as long as you can receive the particular frequency!

In most cases, after a successful download the default transponder frequency will return to 11778. This is normal, and you should not really expect the digibox to keep the default transponder you have manually input.

Changing this default transponder frequency on a Sky box does not increase how long channels are available, no matter what people tell you. It is only used to “assist” the receiver to boot up. For example if you change the default transponder frequency setting to another frequency setting, say 12129, then when you ask the receiver to change to Sky News the receivers will look for Sky News on 12207, and as a basic Sky receiver can only look at one frequency at a time, the default transponder setting of 12129 is not used and overridden. So this is why changing the default transponder does not increase the time a channel is available and why changing this frequency does not keep BBC or ITV One, Two, Three Four for longer.

You do not have to do this process for Freesat or Generic receivers, just Sky receiver.
If you want to see how this process works, you can watch a video of the operation

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