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Monday, July 30, 2012

Humax issues Olympics recording glitch fix

A glitch which meant some viewers of Freesat digital TV could not record coverage of the Olympics has been fixed, manufacturer Humax has said.
Owners of the company's bestselling Foxsat-HDR set-top box will receive an "over-air-download" to solve the problem at 0300 BST on Tuesday.
"We've worked really hard with Freesat to make sure we can get this fix out as soon as possible," a spokeswoman said.
"We now have a fix that we know is working."
The spokeswoman added that software engineers had been working through the weekend to solve the problem which related to encoding issues.
It meant viewers could not record any of the BBC's 24 live streams from the Games - although they could still watch them.
"The problem exists because in the way that the stream is being encoded the box cannot build the required PVR [personal video recorder indexing correctly]," wrote Bob Hannent, Humax's senior technology manager, last week.
"This causes it to get confused and believe the recording is zero in time. Other devices use other indexing mechanisms. The problem is now understood."
Standby mode

Monday's update can be applied by simply leaving the set-top box in standby mode overnight, the company said.
"A software update has been sent to boxes via an OAD (over-air-download) so all Humax freesat+ boxes left in standby will automatically update overnight (around 3am).
"Once the update has finished, viewers will be able to record the 24 BBC Olympic channels (151 - 174) from the EPG as usual."
Alternatively, viewers can update the box manually by going to "Menu, Setup, Software Update and selecting Automatic Update".
Any existing recordings or recording schedules will not be affected, the company said.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sky 3D free for all HD Subscribers from today until 20/08

From today until 20 August the Sky 3D channel - Sky channel 217 - is free to all HD Subscribers

Previously Sky 3D was only free to HD World subscribers - ie sports and movies and HD.
The Olympic Games are here and we think that’s something worth celebrating. So as an HD pack customer, we’re giving you free access to the Sky 3D channel from now until 20 August. You can watch Eurosport’s 3D coverage of the Olympic Games on Sky 3D, completely free – all you need is a 3D ready TV.

After the Olympic Games, you’ll also be able to watch breath taking nature documentaries, fantastic entertainment and unmissable live sporting events on Sky 3D up until 20 August, including:
•David Attenborough's Kingdom of Plants – Wednesday 15 August
•The opening day of the Barclays Premier League – Sunday 19 August
•Meerkats 3D – Friday 17 August
•Manchester United vs Everton – Monday 20 August

To enjoy this free ultimate viewing experience, all you have to do is tune in to Sky 3D on channel 217, and enjoy the action bursting out of your TV.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Humax Freesat box recording problems for the BBC Olympic channels

Humax has acknowledged that a problem meant owners of its Freesat digital TV box could not use it to record any of the BBC's temporary Olympic channels.
The 24 live action streams cover every session of every sport across the duration of the Games.
Freesat - a subscription-free high definition digital TV service - said other manufacturers' equipment was not suffering the same fault.
Freesat's marketing materials heavily promote the "summer of sport".
Humax only sells one digital satellite set-top box recorder in the UK: the Foxsat-HDR. The South Korean firm said it believed it was the bestselling model in the UK.
The firms' UK service manager told the BBC the company was making efforts to resolve the fault.
"Humax were made aware of the issue when the problem was identified on Tuesday," said Michael Caughey.
"Unfortunately nothing could be done at the broadcast encoder end to resolve the issue so on Thursday we started working on the fix and are hopeful that it is imminent.
"However, we will not rush it out until we are sure it will not cause more issues and problems as customers will still be able to view all 24 channels - although they can't record them - and will be able to record the Olympic coverage shown on BBC 1 HD, BBC HD and the other standard definition channels as normal."
He added that a software update was unlikely to be broadcast to the equipment before "early next week".

Bob Hannent, senior technology manager at Humax, provided more detail on the MyHumax site.
"The problem exists because in the way that the stream is being encoded the box cannot build the required PVR [personal video recorder indexing correctly]," he wrote.
"This causes it to get confused and believe the recording is zero in time. Other devices use other indexing mechanisms. The problem is now understood."
"Releasing software too quickly is a risk to the consumers, we could easily accidentally break something else in the process."
'Huge disappointment'
Freesat posted messages to Twitter after users complained about the issue.

"We've tried really hard with Humax to sort out... all other Freesat+ boxes can record 24 streams," it said.
The organisation added: "It's been an Olympic feat in itself to get the 24 streams working and we really hope this doesn't stop you enjoying London 2012."
Messages on JoinFreesat, an internet forum, suggested users of another make of Freesat equipment had also experienced problems. However, Freesat's site only acknowledges a problem with Humax and a spokesperson could not be reached for comment.
Robert Wilson, a Sheffield-based IT worker who contacted the BBC, said he had bought two Humax boxes with a view to being able to record several of the streams at once.
"I'll be working and attending the Games myself and had wanted to record the channels while I am out of the house," he said.
"It's a huge disappointment because I will not be able to see some of the events I had wanted - events which have been advertised as being available for months."

Friday, July 27, 2012

London 2012 Olympics - Schedule, Frequencies, BBC Stream Details

Full Olympic Event Schedule

A guide to the events and when they are schedule to take place

Where to Watch the Olympics on UK Satellite TV

BBC Olympic Frequencies

A list of frequencies for the BBC Olympic Streams.
These 24 Olympic channels are already available to Sky and Freesat digibox users.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

BBC Olympic HD stream on Humax Freesat Foxsat boxes...recording issues

If you own a Humax Fresat satellite receiver and are wanting to record from the 24 HD BBC Olympic streams, then I am afraid you are in for disappointment.

It appears that a software glitch by Humax is preventing their Freesat boxes from recording the 24 BBC HD Olympic channels.

Emma Scott, Managing Director Freesat has said
Unfortunately the Humax receivers can’t record the Olympics – we’ve been working with Humax and the BBC on this since the streams went live on Tuesday and no fix can be made. It’s a Humax receiver issue and it’s very frustrating for both Freesat and Humax. All other Freesat+ boxes can record the 24 streams.
We’ve just concluded in the last hour that we can’t resolve the issue without further investigation by Humax. We at Freesat now need to ensure that the platform is as stable as possible during this important summer of sport, so we regretfully have to accept we can’t resolve this for the Olympic period.
Getting the BBC Olympics app working on all Freesat receivers – HD and SD – has been quite a feat of engineering by the team here and at our manufacturers – and of course the BBC themselves. Therefore however frustrating this clearly may be for viewers, we’re hopeful that the option of having the 24 streams available in the first place will be some consolation.
One workaround is to add the Standard Definition channels to non freesat mode and record from non freesat mode.

Another workaround is for the more technical, as it mean having to download and install some new software to your Huamx Freesat+ receivers (see _ )

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BBC Olympic streams - frequencies and channel numbers for Sky and Freesat receivers in Spain

The BBC Olympic sports streams are now available on Sky, Sky HD, Sky+HD, Freesat and Freesat HD receivers.

Sky platform channel numbers are 450-473 for SD and 474-497 for HD

Freesat platform channel numbers are 151-174 with channel number 150 being a "red button" channel
If your Freesat receiver is SD then only SD channels are shown.
If your Freesat receiver is HD then only HD channels are shown.

Reception of the BBC Olympic streams should be good in most areas of Spain. Some of these BBC Olympic channels can be received on an 80cm satellite dish, others will need a 1m satellite dish.

For users of other satellite receivers in Spain, then you will have to manually scan s to add these BBC streams to your receiver.

The BBC Olymmpic Red Button Stream Frequencies can be found via the following link:

BBC 2012 London Olympics BBC Stream Frequencies
SD Olympic Streams
BBC HD Olympic Streams

Saturday, July 21, 2012

BBC Olympic Channels on Sky and Freesat digiboxes

The BBC 2012 London Olympic "streaming" channels will be soon made available to Sky and Freesat users.

Sky have said the channels will be added to Sky guide sometime on Monday 23rd July 2012
They will be available from Sky channel 450 upwards.

Freesat have said "All freesat customers will get the 24 live Olympic channels. Just press the red Button, or go to the Olympic genre in the freesat EPG starting at Channel 150. The 24 live channels will be available from 25th July until 12th August, right through the Games. As some events finish, not every BBC Olympic channel will be broadcasting all the time so check the BBC Red Button for what's on when."

Although there is no clear indication as to when exactly they will appear on Freesat, but sometime 23rd or 24th would be good, since it starts on the 25th (days before the opening ceremony!)

For other satellite recievers, the channels will have to be manually added to your channel list

BBC 2012 London Olympics BBC Stream Frequencies

Loss of ITV1 HD Granada on some Panasonic Freesat TVs

People using a Panasonic Freesat TV may have had some difficulties in receiving ITV1HD Granada region.

This may have been caused by recent frequency settings being changed:

The fix for Panasonic Freesat TVs is to first perform a Freesat retune.

If that fails to restore ITV1HD Granada, then some Panasonic models require a shipping condition reset.

Friday, July 20, 2012

BBC Olympic Streams on Sky boxes - from Sky channel 450 on 23 July.

The 24 new BBC channels will appear in the Sports section of the Sky Guide from channel 450 on 23 July.

There will be 24 SD and 24 HD channels available.

There will also be a range of coverage on BBC1, BBC3, BBC One HD and BBC HD over the Olympic Games.

All will be available to watch in standard definition on Sky TV in Spain and Freesat TV in Spain.

These BBC Olympic channels will be available to watch in high definition on Sky TV in Spain on Sky HD and Sky+HD digiboxes and Freesat in Spain on Freesat HD receivers.

These BBC Olympic channels will also be available on Freesat receivers.

BBC Sports Olympic Stream Frequencies can be found here should you requrie to add them to your receivers.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sky Sports Free Weekend - 20-22 July 2012

Sky Sports will be offering a "free Weekend" pass from 6am on Friday July 20 to just before midnight on Sunday 22 July

Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports News and Sky Sports F1 will be available for free to all Sky subscribers who do not currently subscribe to the Sky Sports Package.

Sky Sports 1HD, Sky Sports 2HD, Sky Sports 3HD, Sky Sports 4HD, Sky Sports News HD and Sky Sports F1 HD will be available to Sky subscribers with Sky HD and Sky+HD digibox users who do not currently subscribe to Sky Sports.

Leading the billing is the Santander German Prix from Hockenheim, showing on Sky Sports F1 HD* (Sky Channel 408) or Sky Sports F1* (Sky Channel 440). We'll be showing live coverage of all the practice sessions, qualifying as well as uninterrupted coverage of the race live, including Martin Brundle's gridwalk. Coverage starts with Practice 1 at 0845am on Friday 20 July and culminating with the red lights going off at 1300pm on Sunday 22.

If you're a cricket fan, to catch live coverage of the 1st Test between England and South Africa, just tune in to Sky Sports HD 1 (Sky Channel 401) or Sky Sports 1 (Sky Channel 408) and with the press of a button you'll be taken to The Oval to watch action from day 2, 3 and 4 .

Other great events on Sky Sports 1 and HD 1 include live Stobart Super League with Catalan Dragons taking on St. Helens (1930pm), and World Matchplay Darts from Blackpool.

If you're more of a rugby union fan, we'll be showing a top class Super 15 game on Sky Sports HD 2 (Sky Channel 402) and Sky Sports 2 (Sky Channel 409) starting at 0830am on Saturday July 21.

On the same channel between July 20 - 22 there's a treat for any equestrian fan with the Royal International Horse Show from Hickstead.

If you follow golf then you'll want to relax and immerse yourself in US PGA Tour Golf with the True South Classic on Sky Sports HD 3 (Sky Channel 403) and Sky Sports 3 (Sky Channel 418), showing every day during the Sky Sports Free Weekend.

If the Santander German Prix isn't enough to get your fix of motorsport then we've got Indy Racing League from the 'States on July 22 on Sky Sports HD 4 (Sky Channel 404) and Sky Sports 4 (Sky Channel 454) from the Streets of Edmonton race.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Boxing: David Haye vs Dereck Chisora - live on Satellite Tv

David Haye and  Dereck Chisora will be fighting each other for the boxing WBO and WBA International Heavyweight title on Saturay 14th July 2012.

The Haye vs Chisora fight will be screened LIVE on a number of satellites.

On the UK satellites it will be shown live by Boxnation on Sky channel 437.
Boxnation costs £10 per month.
And cheekily, they have also introduced a "admin fee" of £10.

According to reports it will also be available on some other pay TV channels, such as RTL7, Sky Sports 2 HD (Germany) and Al Jazeera.

Reports also suggest that the Haye vs Chisora fight will be available for free on Al Jazeera Sport 1.
Al Jazeera Sport 1 is available on Badr 4 (26 east) on frequency 12034 H 27.5 2/3
Al Jazeera Sport 1 is available on Eutelsat 7W (7 West) on frequency 12245 V 27.5 2/3 and 10853 H 27.5 2/3.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

C4HD New Channel number and launch of 4Seven

4Seven is launching today.

4Seven is a new catch up TV service from Channel 4, and will be showcasing the  best and most talked about channel 4 programmes from the last week.

According to reports 4Seven will be available on Sky channel 140.
This is the Sky channel number currently being used by Channel 4 HD.

Reports suggest that Channel 4 HD will be moving to Sky Channel 230.

4Seven will be available on Freesat channel 127
4Seven will be available on Freeview channel 47

4Seven will be available via Astra 1N satellite at 28.2 degrees east
4Seven frequency is 11.126 V, SR 22.000, FEC 5/6,
Sky digiboxes should automatcally update with this new channels information.
Freesat boxes may require a new Freesat scan to locate the new channel.