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Sky TV Spain Installations

Sky TV in Spain

Watching and receiving Sky TV in Spain is exactly the same as if you were to watch and receive Sky TV in the UK.

First you need a satellite dish - for most of mainland Spain, almost all of the Sky TV pay channels can be received on a satellite dish measuring 100x110cm.

Second you will need a Sky digibox - Sky currently produce two digiboxes, the Sky HD "multiroom" digibox, and the recording Sky+HD digibox.

And finally you will need a Sky card and Sky subscription - Sky TV subscription prices will depend on which Sky TV packages and channels you choose.

Sky TV Satellite Installations Spain

We are supplier and installers for all the equipment you need for watching Sky TV in Spain.

We use the best satellite dishes, the best LNBs, and the best official Sky digiboxes for your requirements. (Unlike some installers in the area who use what equipment is best for them, not their clients!).

For information on Sky Satellite TV Installation in Spain click here

Sky HD in Spain

You can only watch Sky HD channels in full 1080 HD via satellite and with a Sky HD subscription.

Use your HD TV to its full potential and experience the sharpest and clearest images in stunning high definition and Dolby Digital sound with Sky HD.

You will not get the benefits of high definition if you are using a cable, rebroadcast or internet TV/IPTV system in Spain.

Cheap and illegal Sky TV

If you are watching Sky TV without a Sky viewing card or without a Sky TV subscription, then you are watching Sky TV illegally, which is something your provider may not have mentioned to you. You will either be watching Sky TV via an illegal card-sharing system, or via an illegal Internet TV / IPTV / Mag box streams. You do so at your own risk, as recently in some countries users of these systems have started to be prosecuted for theft and fraud.