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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paramount Channel : New channel on TDT in Spain

Paramount Channel will begin broadcasting on digital terrestrial television in Spain on Friday, March 30th, with one of the most successful films in the history of cinema, The Godfather.

Paramount Channel will be available free to air and will feature over 600 movies across nine genres, from the 100-year-old film library of Paramount Pictures, as well as a selection of titles from other American studios and the best representation of Spanish cinema.

The channel’s day-to-day programming will bring together blockbusters, classics and some of the most award-winning films in the history of cinema. Eleven movies will air each day, with the most popular hits in primetime and weekends dedicated to family cinema for all audiences.

Movies initially launching on the channel, which launches on March 30, will include The Godfather, American Beauty, A.I, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Fatal Attraction. The network will also include titles from other Hollywood studios and VIMN has already inked deals with Sony and Miramax.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Lost reception of ITV1 Mer SE (Meridian South East) from Sky box Other Channels?

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If you access ITV1 via other channels, and use ITV1 Meridian South East (Mer SE), then you will find that you are getting a "no satellite signal is being received" message.

This is because ITV1 Meridian South East (Mer SE) have changed frequencies.

ITV1 Meridian South East (Mer SE) is no longer on freqency 12402 v 27.5 2/3.

ITV1 Meridian South East (Mer SE) new frequency is 10891 H 22.0 5/6.

ITV1 Meridian South East (Mer SE) new frequency is on the Astra 1N satellite. This has also meant that ITV1 Meridian South East (Mer SE) is now free to air, and no longer requires a Sky card to view.

It is expected that a few other ITV1 regions on frequency 12402 v, that require a Sky card to view, may also move to other frequiencies on Astra 1N in the coming weeks.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sky Anytime+ rolls out to everyone on any broadband package

Further to this previous post

Sky Anytime+ is now available to Sky subscribers on ANY broadband / ADSL package.

Previously the Sky Anytime+ service was only available to Sky Broadband users.

However, it has now been made available to ALL broadband users.

Sky Anytime+ allows you to selects a programme from the Sky library and download it. Within minutes you can be watching your selected programme.

Sky Anytime+ needs to be activated by contacting Sky, either via a phone call or by your "My Sky" account.

You will need to connect your Sky+HD box to your internet router, wait for your account ot be activated, and new tabs will appear on your Anytime menu.

Sky Anytime+ is designed for UK Sky users only. As per your Sky contract you should not be using your Sky card outside the UK and ROI. If you connect your Sky+HD box to the router and download via Sky Anytime+ then it is possible that Sky will notice you are connecting from a Spanish IP address and your subscription may be cancelled. It may be possible to route the SKy+HD box through a PC running a Hide IP address, like Expat Shield, to "fool" Sky into thinking you are connecting via a UK Internet server.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Australian Grand Prix coverage on Sky Sports F1 & BBC Sport

The 2012 Formula 1 season gets underway with the Australian Grand Prix over the weekend of 16-18 March with exclusively live coverage on Sky Sports F1 HD and comprehensive highlights on the BBC.

The 2012 Australian Grand Prix is also the first to be broadcast under the terms of the new television deal which sees Sky Sports broadcasting all 20 Grand Prix live, and the BBC broadcasting 10 live with comprehensive highlights of all other races.

The Sky F1 team consists of former BBC faces Martin Brundle and Ted Kravitz with David Croft in the commentary box. The Sky team also includes Simon Lazenby, Georgie Thompson, Anthony Davidson and Natalie Pinkham. The trio of Jake Humphrey, David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan return on the BBC along with pit-lane reporter Lee McKenzie. Experienced motorsport commentator replaces Martin Brundle in the BBC commentary box.

2012 Australian Grand Prix – Broadcast Schedule

Friday 16 March

1am 1st Practice Session LIVE – Sky Sports F1 HD

5.15am 2nd Practice Session LIVE – Sky Sports F1 HD

9.30am The F1 Show : Australia – Sky Sports F1 HD

Saturday 17 March

2.45am 3rd Practice Session LIVE – Sky Sports F1 HD

5am Qualifying LIVE – Sky Sports F1 HD

1pm Qualifying Highlights – BBC Two / BBC HD

Sunday 18 March

4.30am Australian Grand Prix – The Race LIVE – Sky Sports F1 HD

2pm – 4pm Australian Grand Prix – Highlights – BBC One / BBC HD

* Sky Sports F1 HD will repeat all shows regularly throughout the weekend.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

FA Premier League - most live 3pm kickoff removed from foreign satellite tv services

Further to it appears the FA is taking even more action aginst the use of foreign subscriptions showing live English Premier League football.

It now appears that most EU broadcasters are now being restricted to just one LIVE 3pm kick off.

A number of servics, live Viasat and Digital+ (Spain), used to show a number of the 3pm kick offs of the Premier League live. However, it now looks like these broadcasters will be restricted to broadcasting a single 3pm kick off.

The affects only EU broadcsaters.

ADMC Sport, which has the Middle East rights to all 380 premier legaue games, should be unaffected by this.

FA Premier League - restricting 3pm kickoff on foreign satellite tv services

Further to, the FA has started to impliment measures to try and curb UK pubs showing 3pm kickoffs using foreign satellite decocers and subscriptions.

Although the recent EU rulings suggest that he matches themselves are not covered by copyright, and graphic or music played during the match is protected by FA copyright. Any pub showing these graphics and music will be in breach of FA copyright and liable to prosection.

And to further this, the FA have now placed a FA English Premier League watermark on the screen.

So any pubs in the UK that are showing this logo, being used on foreign satellite tv broadcasts, will be in breach of FA copyright and liable to prosecution.

Of course the pub can "expand" the screen or even place a postit note over the offending areas!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Channel 4 to launch 4seven catch-up TV channel

Channel 4 chief executive David Abraham has today announced the launch of 4seven, a new TV channel enabling viewers to catch up on the Channel 4 shows that have caused the most "buzz" in the past seven days.

4seven, previously thought to be called 'Channel 4 Shuffle', is Channel 4's first new network since More4 in 2005. The channel will launch across all major television platforms later this year.

Speaking today at the FT Digital Media Conference, Abraham said that with so much choice available of new programming across TV and online platforms, viewers are "increasingly saying they sometimes just miss the best stuff".

"In essence this new channel format will provide viewers with another chance to see the noisiest bits of Channel 4 from the last seven days," said Abraham.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Loss of UK TV channels for 10 minutes in the mornings on Sky and Freesat in Spain

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If you are losing BBC and ITV in the morning for a few minutes from 10am to 11am then this is normal.

It is a solar outage.

We are at time of the year when the sun is directly behine the UK TV Astra 2 satellites.

The suns energy swamps the signals used for UK TV in Spain.

As these signals are already weaker and hard to receive in Spain, as the sun passes behind the satellites, you can lose reception of BBC and ITV channels for a small number of minutes.

This happens twice a year, in March and October time.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sky Sports F1 HD - channel news and frequencies

The Sky Sports F1 channel is currently available on Sky Channel 408.

Sky Sports F1 channel, on Sky channel 408, is currently showing a preview loop before it goes live the 9th March.

Sky Sports F1 HD will be the only place to see all races LIVE, and in HD, and with Dolby 5.1 digital sound.

The BBC will only be showing 10 races live, with extended highlights of the races the are not showing live. This is all due to the cost cutting measures at the BBC.

Sky Sports F1 will be included in any Sky TV package with Sky Sports 1 & 2
or the HD Pack.

On Sky Sports F1 :

Every race live - on our dedicated Sky Sports F1 channel

No ad breaks - uninterrupted live race and qualifying coverage

Expert commentators and pundits - including Martin Brundle, David Croft and Ted Kravitiz

In depth programme and analysis - from unmissable interviews to archive action and weekly magazine shows

Sky Sports F1 Frequencies

Sky Sports F1 (SD)
Frequency : 12110 H 27500 2/3

Sky Sports F1 (HD)
Frequency : 12363 V 29500 3/4