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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TDT - Nine Spanish TV channels to close in May 2014

A total of nine Terrestrial Digital Television channels in Spain are set to close down by May 6th 2014.
This is a result of a 2012 Supreme Court ruling that cancelled out the concession of additional channels to existing broadcasters on the grounds that the concession was made without a public bid and that new operators were therefore deprived of a chance to join the market.
Channels closing down include:
  • La Sexta 3. Movie-based channels with a March audience share of 1.6 percent.
  • Xplora. Hardcore Pawn, in its 10th season, is the most popular program.
  • Nitro. Channel airs shows such as Law And Order and The A Team.
  • La Siete. Specializes in Latin American soaps.
  • Nueve. Re-runs of the most successful shows aired on Telecinco and Cuatro.
  • Net TV. Teleshopping.
  • Veo TV.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

What is the best LNB to use for satellite TV in Spain? Inverto Black Ultra LNB?

As UK TV is still available in the Valencia and Costa Blanca areas to receive on satellite dishes, like the 100x110cm and 125x135cm satellite dishes, the LNB used on satellite dish installations is an important piece of equipment in the system.

There are many LNBs available on the market, with satellite installers claiming the one they use is the best.

Claims like the following appear:
"We only use Inverto Black Ultra LNBs"
"The Inverto LNB is far superior to any LNB on the market"
"Inverto Black Ultra LNBs are super dooper and the only LNBs we use".

Well, this is our opinion, based on our tests and experience.

Some of these claims about the Inverto Black Ultra LNBs are true, but only to an extent.

Yes, one of the best performing SINGLE OUTPUT LNBs is the Inverto Black Ultra LNB.
This Inverto Black Ultra LNB really does perform better than just about all other single output LNBs. For clients wanting only a single output, the Inverto Black Ultra LNB is the LNB we use, and have been using for several years.

However, we have found that the two output (TWIN) and 4 output (QUAD) versions of the Inverto Black Ultra LNB range do not perform as well as the single output Inverto Black Ultra LNB.

In fact other makes of LNB outperform the Inverto Black Ultra Twin and Inverto Black Ultra Quad LNBs.

For example, in our tests, the signal levels on the twin and quad Inverto Black Ultra LNBs meant some channels were heavily pixelating. Replacing with another make of LNB that we use, and those channels were no longer pixelating, and the signals levels on our signal meters improved dramatically.  

Our tests were on a 90x100cm satellite dish in the Moraira area. An Inverto Black Ultra Single LNB performed as expected with all BBC and ITV channels coming through. With an Inverto Black Ultra Twin and Quad LNB, many BBC and ITV channels were pixelating.  Using our make of twin and quad LNB, the BBC and ITV channels were received fine, with no pixilation.

This difference in performance of different versions of the same LNB is not unique or new. In the big dish years, the Invacom prime focus LNB was the preferred LNB. The single output version of this LNB was a poor performer when compared to the performance of its TWIN and QUAD versions. Channel reception improved when swapping an single output LNB to a twin or quad LNB.  

So, rather than simply use one brand and make of LNBs, the best satellite installers will use a range of LNBs to give the best performance. Much in the same way the best satellite installers will use a range of satellite dishes, rather than using just the one make.    

Friday, April 25, 2014

BT Sports HD channels change frequency

BT Sports HD channels have recently changed frequency.

They are no longer on frequency 12.574 H 23000

BT Sports 1 HD and BT Sports 2 HD are now on  11604 V 29500 3/4

Sky HD boxes should automatically update to the new frequencies.

Users with other satellite receivers will need to perform a scan for these channels on their new frequency.

Monday, April 21, 2014

How can I watch Freeview in Spain?

How can I watch Freeview in Spain?

The simple answer is that you cannot watch freeview in Spain.

This is because you cannot receive the freeview signals in Spain.


Freeview is transmitted in the UK by the local TV transmitters and is received by a TV aerial. The freeview transmissions from the TV transmitter masts simply do not reach Spain. In fact the freeview transmissions do not actual cover the UK 100% either!

The nearest freeview transmitter to Spain is in the Channel Islands. But again the transmission from this mast are simply not strong enough to reach Spain.

So you cannot receive freeview in Spain.

More information on freeview available here:  

However, many of the channels on freeview are available on Freesat, which is available in Spain.

Freesat is transmitted from satellites and are received using a satellite dish. Freesat was designed to help in provide digital TV in the UK for areas that could not receive freeview signals.

More information on freeview available here:  

Freeview is not the same as Freesat – a common misconception.

Even by some satellite installers here in Spain do not know the difference and still to this day advertise freeview as being available in Spain.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Freesat - subscription free UK TV - available in Costa Blanca/ Valencia / Spain

Freesat provides subscription free UK TV
Freesat in Spain - Free UK TV in Spain
Freesat is available in Costa Blanca/ Valencia / Spain on a satellite dish measuring a minimum of 90x100cm (depending on the are you live in).

There are 11 high-definition channels on Freesat: BBC1HD, BBC2HD, BBC3HD, BBC4HD, CBBC HD, CBeebiesHD, BBC News HD, ITV1HD, C4 HD, Russia Today HD (RT HD), NHK HD.

This is a complete list of channels presently available on Freesat.

The region of BBC and ITV you will receive on 101 102 103 119 is determined by the postcode you enter during the set up process of your Freesat digital satellite set top box.

Channels available on Freesat (April 2014) : 205 (168 TV / 37 Radio)

101 BBC One (BBC One HD in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
102 BBC Two HD
103 ITV
104 Channel 4
105 Channel 5
106 BBC Three HD
107 BBC Four HD
108 BBC One HD (BBC One in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
109 BBC Two
110 BBC Alba
112 ITV+1
113 ITV2
114 ITV2+1
115 ITV3
116 ITV3+1
117 ITV4
118 ITV4+1
119 ITV HD (UTV HD in Northern Ireland)
120 S4C Digidol
121 Channel 4 + 1
122 E4
123 E4 + 1
124 More4
125 More4 + 1
126 Channel 4 HD
127 4seven
128 Channel 5+1
129 5USA
130 5USA +1
131 5*
132 Channel 5+24
134 CBS Drama
135 CBS Reality
136 CBS Reality +1
137 CBS Action
138 Horror Channel
139 Horror Channel +1
140 BET
141 BET+1
142 True Entertainment
143 More>Movies
144 Now Pick
145 Challenge
146 Viva
147 BBC Three
148 BBC Four
200 BBC News HD
201 BBC Parliament
202 Sky News
203 Al Jazeera Eng
204 Euronews
205 France 24
206 Russia Today HD (RT HD)
207 CNN
208 Bloomberg TV
209 NHK World HD
210 CNBC
211 CCTV News
212 BBC News
300 Film4
301 Film4 + 1
302 True Movies 1
303 True Movies 2
304 Movies4Men
305 Movies4Men +1
400 Showcase
401 Information TV
402 Showcase 2
403 Food Network
404 Food Network+1
405 Travel Channel
408 The Active Channel
409 Holiday & Cruise
410 Film On TV
500 Chart Show TV
501 The Vault
502 Flava
503 Chart Show Dance
504 B4U Music
505 Starz TV
506 Bliss
509 Zing
510 Clubland TV
511 Planet Pop
512 NOW Music
515 Vintage TV
516 Heart TV
517 Capital TV
518 Kiss
519 The Box
520 Heat
521 Smash Hits
523 Magic
524 Kerrang!
601 CBeebies HD
602 CITV
603 POP
604 POPGirl
605 Tiny Pop
606 Kix
607 CBBC
608 CBeebies
650 Psychic Today
651 Community
660 Sony SAB
661 Rishtey
662 Colors
690 Inspiration TV
691 Daystar TV
692 Revelation
693 Islam Channel
694 God Channel
696 TBN Europe
700 BBC Radio 1
701 BBC Radio 1 Xtra (BBC R1X)
702 BBC Radio 2
703 BBC Radio 3
704 BBC Radio 4 FM
705 BBC Radio Five Live (BBC R5L)
706 BBC Radio Five Live Sports Extra (BBC R5SX)
707 BBC 6 Music
708 BBC Radio 4 Extra
709 BBC Asian Network
710 BBC Radio 4 LW
711 BBC World Service
712 BBC Radio Scotland
713 BBC Radio nan Gaidheal
714 BBC Radio Wales
715 BBC Radio Cymru
716 BBC Radio Ulster
718 BBC London 94.9 (available on London postcode only)
719 Capital FM
720 Capital Extra
721 Classic FM
722 Gold
723 XFM
724 Absolute
726 Absolute 80s
729 Jazz FM
730 Planet Rock
731 talkSPORT
732 Smooth Radio UK
733 Heart
734 LBC Radio
750 RTÉ Radio 1
751 RTÉ Radio 2 FM
752 RTÉ Lyric FM
753 Raidió na Gaeltachta
777 Insight Radio
786 BFBS Radio
790 TWR
800 QVC
801 Price Drop
802 Bid TV
803 Tristar
804 TV Warehouse+
805 Gems TV
806 TV Shop
807 JewelleryMaker
808 JML Direct
809 JML Living
810 Ideal Extra
811 The Deal Channel
812 Ideal World
813 Create & Craft
814 QVC Extra
815 Jewellery Channel
816 QVC Beauty
817 Rocks and Co1
818 QVC Style
820 Thane Direct
821 High Street TV
870 Babestation
875 Playboy TV Chat
900 On Demand
901 BBC iPlayer
903 ITV Player
950 BBC 1 London
951 BBC 1 Channel Islands
952 BBC 1 East Midlands
953 BBC 1 East (E)
954 BBC 1 East (W)
955 BBC 1 North West
956 BBC 1 North East & Cumbria
957 BBC 1 Northern Ireland
958 BBC 1 Oxford
959 BBC 1 South East
960 BBC 1 Scotland
961 BBC 1 South
962 BBC 1 South West
963 BBC 1 West Midlands
964 BBC 1 Wales
965 BBC 1 West
966 BBC 1 Yorks
967 BBC 1 East Yorks & Lincs
968 BBC 2 England
969 BBC 2 Northern Ireland
970 BBC 2 Scotland
971 BBC 2 Wales
974 Channel 4
975 Channel 4 + 1
977 ITV London (ITV HD via red button)
999 Freesat Info
Freesat - subscription free UK TV - available in Costa Blanca/ Valencia / Spain   More information at  

This weeks UK TV and Satellite TV in Spain News

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UK Satellite TV Installations:
There are 11 subscription free HD TV channels available via satellite, including BBC1HD, BBC2HD, BBC3HD, BBC4HD, ITV1HD and C4HD. Much better image resolution on a HD TV than a TV rebroadcaster or internet IPTV system!

Satellite Dish Installations in my service area (Calpe to Valencia) :

a 100x110cm (1.1m) satellite dish will work for people with limited space. Standard installation of this dish is from 200 euros.

a 125x135cm (1.25/1.35m) satellite dish would provide better reception and is the "recommended" dish for my area. Standard installation of this dish of from 275 euros.

More information on our 125x135cm (1.25/1.35m) satellite dish installations:

Wall of Shame - we have updated our Wall Of Shame's fourth page to show some of the poor installations we have come across and been asked to fix.

Astra 2C : UK TV moves into position for back up purposes - and if some UK TV channels do move on to Astra 2C then there should be no worries about reception in Spain, due it its very generous footprint.  

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