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Friday, May 31, 2013

Some more news about retransmitting channels without permission...

Several USA broadcasters filed a lawsuit against filmon this week, and as a result, filmon has pulled all main USA TV channels from their service - leaving only a handful of local TV channels.

( ) -

"Alki David, the founder of Internet TV streaming service FilmOn, has said he will remove the US’s major broadcast networks from the platform. David’s move follows a May 23 filing in the Federal District Court in Washington DC of an action against FilmOn and Aereokiller, with ABC, NBC and Fox claiming copyright infringement."

So again, there is uncertainty about UK channels on filmon, as if the UK broadcasters follow suit, and are successful, then filmon broadcasting UK TV channels without permission, may also be removed... and may also affect the smart tv systems that use streams from filmon.

On screen mesage form Sky about "We need to update your service"

What to do if you are seeing a "We need to update your service. Please give us some info at"" message from Sky on your SkyHD and SkyHD digibox.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

New BBC "test" channel appears on UK TV satellite

A new BBC "channel" is presently testing on Astra 2F at 28.2, tagged as "8900".

It is using the same BBC frequency as some of their other HD channels (BBC1 Wales HD and BBC 1 HD Scotland), of 11023 H, 23000, FEC 2/3 frequency.

It is not available to manually add on SkyHD boxes.

At the moment it is showing BBC2HD content, but the EPG (programme guide) data is showing BBC Red Button data from the Freeview BBC Red Button channel.

Does this mean that the BBC are going to have a BBC Red Button HD service soon?
Perhaps in time for Wimbledon in a few weeks time?

Update: 29/5/13: This channel, tagged as 8900, now has programme data "This is BBC Red Button HD", so it looks this will be used for some red button hd tennis coverage.

In addition, two more "channels" tagged as "54380" and "54381" have appeared on frequency 12.643 V, SR 27.500, FEC 2/3 and are showing a BBC test loop. So perhaps the BBC are temporarily expanding the number of Red Button screens for their Wimbledon coverage?

Smart TV vs Satellite TV : Picture Quality comparisons

Some people have been using Smart TV / Android technology as a way to receive UK TV.

Some of the companies selling these systems use "scare" tactics to try and push a sale - saying things like "You WILL lose UK TV in Spain soon and our product is the only way to keep watching UK TV!"

We covered a few points in a previous post ( ).

But here we compare the picture quality of such systems.

An image quality comparison test between Smart TV Internet streaming (top) and Satellite TV (bottom).

The image quality of the Smart TV is blurry, whereas the image from the satellite TV is sharper and more defined.

And the comparison will become more noticeable when the systems are compared on large TV screen that many people are using these days. The low image quality from the Smart TV Internet system will be a lot more noticeable than the direct from satellite system.


Well most of the Smart TV internet streaming services use a low resolution for their streaming - this resolution is sometimes only 480.

Normal standard definition TV resolution is 576.

Full High Definition resolution is 1080.

So the image resolution between Smart TV Internet streaming is less than half the resolution to HD TV, and about 16% lower than standard television transmissions.

So for LIVE TV, satellite Tv is produced the best image quality.

And when most UK satellite TV channels, like BBC, ITV C4 and Fives are available for free and on a small satellite dish, why compromise on image quality using an internet TV system for your live TV?

Why use a lower quality resolution TV rather than a high definition satellite systems on your HD TV. That is like buying a Ferrari and then replacing its v8 engine with a lawnmower engine!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

French Open Tennis 2013 - TV Coverage.

French Open Tennis starts this weekend - with live coverage on ITV1, ITV3, ITV4, Eurosport, Eurosport2 and canal+.

Bet ITV are kicking themselves given they will not get good ratings now Andy Murray has withdrawn from the French Open!

F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2013 Coverage: Live on Sky and Antena 3 - highlights BBC

F1 Monaco Grand Prix on Sky Sports F1

Times in GMT / BST


Practice 1
Programme Start 08:45             
Practice 1 Start 09:00

Practice 2
Programme Start 12:45
Practice 2 13:00

Practice 3
Programme Start 09:45
Practice 3 Start 10:00

Programme Start 12:00
Qualifying Start 13:00

Grand Prix
Programme Start 11:30
Grand Prix LIVE Start 13.00
The 2013 F1 Monaco Grand Prix is also available for free on Spanish TV on Antena 3.
The 2013 F1 Monaco Grand Prix is also available for free on satellite TV on : Sport 1 Germany and
RTL - both of which are available for free on the Astra 1 satellite located at 19 east.
This s one of the races that is exclusively live on Sky Sports in the UK, and so the BBC will only have highlights of the 2013 F1 Monaco Grand Prix, although live commentary is available eon BBC Radio 5 Live.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IPTV sales talk confusing and scaring worried expats about the future of UK TV in Spain.

IPTV sales talk confusing and scaring worried expats about the future of UK TV in Spain.

Interesting to hear that some companies offering “IPTV” in Spain, as ring people up and saying “You will lose your Satellite TV later this year, but our IPTV system will work fine”

A few points:
a) How do these companies know what the signal will be like in Spain for a satellite that has not yet left the factory, and expected not to be operational until September?
b) How do these companies know if all of Spain will be affected or only some areas be affected – like the fact between Alicante and Valencia we can get the first new satellite nice and easily on a 1m satellite dish...
c) No matter what, you will always be able to receive SOME UK TV channel via satellite, as some of the channels are on a “European beam” which is nice and easy to receive, and some channels are not even on the Astra satellites that are being replaced!
d) They fail to mention what the quality of IPTV / internet TV is like – which is pretty poor when you watch it on your 50” HD TV – especially when compared to the full 1080 HD image which you can get on Freesat HD and Sky HD – which you can get on a 1m satellite dish!
e) And not to forget that some systems offering UK TV over the internet as simply using the free streams from filmon. And some systems even ask you to PAY for these streams even though they get them for free

True, later this year things may change, they may not, they may change for the better, they may change for the worse. 

But until it happens, no-one knows for sure.

So why do these companies insist that they know that all of UK TV in Spain will end later this year, and try to confuse and scare people into thinking they will lose their UK TV channels in Spain come the new satellites, Oh I know – spill the doom and gloom for sales purposes, and to confuse people into buying something when in fact, come September, all UK TV may still be available in Spain.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

F1 Spanish Grand Prix 2013 Coverage: Live on Sky and BBC TV and Antena 3

F1 Spanish Grand Prix on BBC TV
Friday 10 May
Practice 1: BBC Two 08:55-10:35, Red Button, Online and Connected TV 10:35-12:15, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra 08:55
Practice 2: BBC Two 13:00-14:45, Red Button, Online and Connected TV 14:45-16:20, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra 12:55

Saturday 11 May
Practice 3: BBC Two 09:55-11:19, Red Button, Online and Connected TV 12:45-14:15 (Driver Tracker), BBC Radio 5 live sports extra 09:55
Qualifying: BBC One & Red Button 12:10-14:15, replay on Red Button, Online and Connected TV 17:05-19:00, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra 12:55

Sunday 12 May
Race: BBC One 12:10-15:15, Red Button, Online and Connected TV 10:35-12:15 (Pit Lane Channel ), 15:15-16:15 (Forum), highlights BBC Three 19:00-20:00, Red Button 20:00-05:59, BBC Radio 5 live 13:00

F1 Spanish Grand Prix on Sky Sports F1
Friday 10 May
Practice 1: On Air 08:45 Scheduled Start 09:00 
Practice 2  On Air 12:45 Scheduled Start 13:00 

Saturday 11 May
Practice 3  On Air 09:45 Scheduled Start 10:00 
Qualifying: On Air 12:00 Scheduled Start 13:00 

Sunday 12 May
Race LIVE On Air 11:30 Race Start 13:00 

BT Sports channels - will be available on Sky TV and they get live MotoGP rights from the BBC

BT has revealed that the three BT Sport channels it is launching shortly will be free for all BT broadband customers.

They will cost £ 12 per month for Sky customers.

BT Sport has just signed a five-year carriage deal with MotoGP, starting 2014, in addition to the wide range of Premier League football games, Aviva Premiership rugby, women’s tennis, European football and UFC action that has already been announced for the channels.

BT Sport has won the TV rights for MotoGP from 2014 in a five-year deal, after a decade of coverage on the BBC. BBC coverage for the remainder of this season will be unaffected, with all races and some qualifying sessions available on BBC One and BBC Two.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Froch v Kessler II fight live on 25 May at The O2, London - Live on Sky Sports Box Office

World Super Middleweight fighters Carl Froch and Mikkel Kessler will go toe-to-toe at The O2, London on Saturday 25 May in one of the most highly anticipated rematches of recent years.

In their first meeting since Denmark’s Kessler broke Froch’s unbeaten record three years ago, this match is sure to set sparks flying. But with 46 victories to his name, Kessler will be a tough opponent for Nottingham fighter Carl Froch to get the better of.
The second installment in the duo’s story is set to be even more captivating than their 2010 encounter, with Froch looking to retain his IBF World Super Middleweight title and take Kessler’s WBF title in the unification bout.
Be there to witness the action with Sky Sports Box Office HD and follow all the buildup to the event on Sky Sports News HD to see who’ll come out on top in this unmissable clash.
Froch v Kessler II will be available exclusively live on Sky Sports Box Office HD on 25 May.

Friday, May 3, 2013

BT Sports 1 and BT Sports 2 appear on Sky Channel List

BT Sports channels have appeared today on the Sky Guide.

BT Sports Channels on Sky

BT Sports 1 and BT Sports 2 have appeared on the Sky Guide - on channels 445 and 447, in anticipation of their launch later this year.

more information and frequencies at :

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Marca TV on Spanish TV to close down?

Spain's Marca TV to close down

Spanish sports channel Marca TV is closing down on 1 July, according to, as it has become unprofitable for Unidad Editorial to run.

The original intention was to rent it to a major American company, but a recent ruling of the Spanish supreme tribunal has made this solution impossible. Now, the most probable future for the Marca TV signal will be a home shopping channel, probably owned by QVC.

The contract between Unidad Editorial and the channel ends on 30 June and it is unlikely that it will be renewed. Last year Marca TV was on the verge of closing due to lack of finances and was possibly going to be sold to Real Madrid TV, but Unidad Editorial finally decided to bet on the sports channel for one more year. This seems unlikely to happen now, however, as Marca TV has already sold the broadcasting rights of La Liga Adelante to RTVE and the rights to La Liga BBVA to Mediaset.