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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Will a UK Freeview digibox work in spain?

Will a UK Freeview digibox work in spain?

Many UK Freeview boxes do work in Spain, but there are a few issues and they may not work 100%

Obviously the first thing is that a UK Freeview box will not be able to receive the UK Freeview channels whewn used in Spain, as the nearest transmitter of Freeview is based on Cornwall! It will be able to be used to receive the Spansih Digital television service - TDT.

Secondly, you must ensure the box can scan frequency 69 – a frequency that is not used in the UK but it is in Spain for a few channels, including GOLTV.

Thirdly one of the benefits of the TDT Spain system is the ability to change the audio of many UK and USA programmes from Spanish into their original English soundtrack. Some UK boxes may not be able to change programmes into their original language as some UK boxes are programmed to look for English, Welsh and Gaelic language “tags”. In Spain they use different language tags like “Dos” or “VO” (Version Original), or “Multi” or “Und”, tags that UK Freeview boxes may not be able to recognise or use.

Two TDT channels, SET and Disney do use the tags "English", which will be recognised by UK Freeview receivers.

These points refer to Freeview digiboxes, but the same will also apply to TVs with builtin Freeview receviers.

Ideally a generic digital television receiver would be preferable.

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