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Best VPNs for Spain

Best VPNs for Spain

If you use the UK TV catch-up services like BBC Iplayer, ITVPlayer,All4 (4OD), Demand Five, and SkyGo, in Spain, then the content will be blocked.

This is because you are connecting to these UK only services from Spain.

When you try to connect to them, your internet IP address is checked. If this does not originate from the UK, then UK content will be blocked.

By using a VPN service, like those listed below, you can make it look like you are connecting from within the UK, and so content on those UK TV catch-up services will be available to you.  

Using a VPN in Spain
Most VPN services will have instructions on their websites are to how to install their service. Most of the time, you will install a VPN service onto a router that is compatible with that service. Not all routers are compatible with VPN services.      

Hide My Ass VPN Service

    StrongVPN Service