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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Astra 2E - BBC Reception - Rumours about lost BBC channels available with a Sky HD subscription

In answer to a popular question seen on social media and emails sent to me:

BBC channels are not part of the Sky subscription service.

They never have been.

And for the foreseeable future will not be.

Some satellite "experts" have been suggesting to their clients that by subscribing to the Sky HD package that will bring back lost BBC channels.

As the BBC channels are not part of the Sky subscription package, do not even require a Sky viewing card, and are free to air, this is one big "myth".

BBC Spain - Satellite move - changes in reception - details here

Over night (6th February 2014) the BBC channels moved from their temporary home on Astra 1N to their new home on Astra 2E.

They have moved to a much "tighter" beam, meaning a change in reception of those channels in Spain.

Rreception reports are being compiled, and can be found here:

Early indications are that in my service area, a 1m satellite dish is no longer the minimum, and a 1mx110m is the minimum requirement, with a 1.25x1.4m dish to be recommended.

I can confirm that those with "big" dishes, 1.8s and 2.4m in my service area have NOT been affected.

Many people in the Costa del Sol have lost heir BBC channel on their existing dishes.      

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BBC channel to move from astra 1N to Astra 2N this week

The BBC has confirmed that its TV and radio services currently broadcast across the British Isles on the Astra 1N satellite will switch to Astra 2E this week.

The move will be in the "early hours" of Thursday, 6th February 2014.

More information :

Channel Five channel numbers on Sky and Freesat

Channel Five launched a new "catch Up" channel today - Channel 5+24.
 It has meant a shuffle of some of their channel.
On Sky:
105 - Channel 5
 171 - Channel 5 HD (subscription required)
 174 - 5 USA
 175 - Channel 5+24
 176 - 5*
 177 - Channel 5+1
 219 - 5 USA+1
On Freesat:
 105 - Channel 5
 128 - Channel 5+1
 129 - 5 USA
 130 - 5 USA+1
 131 - 5*
 132 - Channel 5+24
So it looks like 5*+1 has been dropped for Channel 5+24.

Astra 2A channels move to Astra 2E - frequencies and channel affected.

Further to our previous post ( ) regarding channels moving from Astra 2A to the new UK TV satellite, Astra 2E, we think we now know which channels and frequencies have moved:

11.720 H : MTV Live HD, Sky Sports 2 HD, Lifetime HD

11.758 H : Disney XD HD, Animal Planet HD, ITV 2 HD, ITV 3 HD, ITV 4 HD

11.778 v : Sky Guide / EPG

11.798 H : Sky Sports HD 1, Sky Sports News HD, Sky Living HD, Sky Sports 1 HD, Sky Sp NewsHD, Channel 5 HD

11.836 H : Sky Action, Sky Comedy, Sky SciFi / Horror, Sky Select, Sky Disney, Sky Family, Sky Movies Premier, Sky Movies Premier +1, Sky Thriller, Sky Valentine, Sky Modern Greats

11.856 H : Eurosport HD, Fox HD U.K., E4 HD, Eurosport 2 HD

11.914 H : Sky Atlantic +1 11.934 V : Sky intro, Sky Box Office

12.012 H : Sky Family HD, Sky Movies Premiere HD, Sky Thriller HD, Sky Select HD UK

12.344 H : Sky Sports HD 4, Sky Atlantic HD, Sky1 HD, Sky Sports 2 HD,

12.383 H : Sky Insider HD, Universal HD UK, Dave HD, E! HD, Alibi HD

12.460 H : Sky 3D, Sky News HD, Sky Arts 1 HD, Sky Showcase HD

Astra 2E Update : 04/02/14 : Sky channels move to Astra 2E

Astra 2E Update : 04/02/14 : UK TV Satellite Update:

It looks, note looks, like some channels from Astra 2A (north and south beams) have been moved to 2E.

So for some sky channels reception in some areas may have changed. In Spain for the better. It looks like 11778 - the sky epg frequency on 11778 has also moved - which is good news for Spain, as there is no need to change the "default transponder frequency" as it is now on a stronger beams! We shall be confirming this during the day, but o far no changes to BBC or ITV channels.

Some channels that used to be hard to receive in the middle of the afternoon even on 2,.4m dishes, because they were on the Astra 2A north beam, are now located on the Astra 2E European beam. Meaning reception of channel like Sky Movies, and some HD channels reception should be better...even on smaller dishes.

Reports are that the following frequencies have moved to the new satellite : 11856V, 11.934V, 11.914H, 12.012V, 11.720H,11.739V, 11.758H, 11.778V, 11.798H, 11.836H. None of these carry BBC or ITV or C4.