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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Channel Five Reception in Costa Blanca and Spain - confusion by installers not knowing the correct situation

Earlier this week I received an email from someone, that included an email from another Sky satellite dish installer based here on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

The text of this emails is as follows:

Due to broadcast frequency changes made by Channel 5, the signal for Channel 5 in standard definition is now similar to that for BBC 2 England, this means:

On small dishes (less than 1.8 mts) there will be no signal.

Unless you already have a Sky HD digibox or upgrade to a Sky HD box , in which case Channel 5 HD is still available.

Upgrading to HD - if you have a 2.4 dish this will also give you BBC1 and BBC HD which will stay on. Please contact us for more information on this.

On larger dishes (1.8 & 2.4 mts) you can now only receive Channel 5 in the morning.

Sorry this is bad news but this change is made by the broadcaster not "COMPANY NAME REMOVED". I will let you know if there is any more news.

This information is incorrect in so many ways.

Due to broadcast frequency changes made by Channel 5, the signal for Channel 5 in standard definition is now similar to that for BBC 2 England, this means on small dishes (less than 1.8 mts) there will be no signal.

This is incorrect.
The recent frequency changes made by Channel Five mean that smaller satellite dishes, even 80cm satellite dishes are still able to receive Channel Five.

The frequency changes for channel Five are NOT on a similar satellite or reception to BBC2 England. In fact they are similar to what they used to be.

If you are unable to receive any of the channel five channel on their new frequency on your 1.8m dish then you have serious problems with your satellite installation, a s these channels are easily available on an 80cm satellite dish here in most of Spain.

On larger dishes (1.8 & 2.4 mts) you can now only receive Channel 5 in the morning.
One of the 4 or 5 regional versions of Five will still be unavailable on 2.4m dishes past mid afternoon. But there are still the other regional versions that you can add to your sky box "other channels" list. You can add these by searching for the channels using frequency 10965 h 22 5/6.

The channel five channels on this frequency do NOT require a 2.4m dish and should be available 24/7 even on a smaller 80cm satellite dish in Spain.

To say Channel Five will only be available in the mornings only even on 2.4m satellite dishes is totally incorrect.

Unless you already have a Sky HD digibox or upgrade to a Sky HD box , in which case Channel 5 HD is still available.

There is no need to upgrade to Sky HD and receive Channel Five HD.
Unless you want to watch Five HD. All channels fives are available using a standard definition Sky box, like the Pace 2600 or Sky+ boxes.

Personally, I would not be surprised if this is a "cash in" scheme from this company to try and get people to buy a Sky HD box from them, by falsely claiming there is no other way to receive Channel Five 24/7 on small 80cm or big 2.4m satellite dishes.

This is shocking that a satellite installation company would send this email to its clients, with this misleading information in what can only be an attempt into tricking people into buying a SkyHD box from them.

There is no need to buy a Sky HD box if you have lost reception of Channel Five.

You can still receive Channel Five on a normal standard definition Sky box.

I mentioned this in a previous blog

And now you only need a Sky card to watch Five HD, as all the other Channel Five channels, including 5* and Five USA are now free to air and no longer require a Sky card to view.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sky TV In Spain. Freeview in Spain. Freesat TV In Spain. Freesatfromsky in Spain. Sky UK TV Satellite Systems for Costa Blanca In Spain

Sky TV In Spain. Freeview in Spain. Freesat TV In Spain. Freesatfromsky in Spain. Sky UK TV Satellite Systems for Costa Blanca In Spain

1. The Various systems
BBC Prime
MBC / Dubai One / Fox Movies / Arabic

2. Channels
Whats On A Sky Freetoview Card
EU TV without Frontiers

3. Dishes
Big Dishes
Dish Sizes
What Can You Get On an 80cm Dish
Community Installs

4. Rebroadcasting
How to spot a rebroadcaster

5. Advantages of Satellite
Interactive News and Sport

6. Default Transponder Settings for Spain
Resetting your Sky Receiver after powercut
Additional Channels

7. Auto Standby

8. Sky Programme Guide (EPG)

Section 1 The Various systems

"Freeview" is the brand name of a UK Digital TV service ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UK. it is available via tv aerials on the houses, and is only transmitted from TV transmitters in the UK. you will need either a Freeview "set top box" or a TV with Freeview built in.
Freeview is not available in Spain.

There are channels on Freeview that you have to pay for on Sky - like Dave, UK History.

TDT - Television Digital Terrestrial - Digital Television in Spain

Spain has its own version of "Freeview" called Television Digital Terrestrial (TDT). Approx 30digital spanish tv channels via a TV aerial...many chnnels / programmes you can change the programmes into their original audio...not always english as a few German programmes have cropped will need a TDT "set top box" or a TV with TDT built in.

Your exisiting tv aerial may be ok for this but it may need to be reconfigured, and you may also require some signal amplifiers. You can use a UK freeview set top box to get TDT, but there are some limitations - language change options may be limited to english, welsh and gaelic, TDT uses frequency 69, UK freeview set top boxes ma not be able to scan this frequency.


Freesat, a satellite version of Freeview, was launched in May 2008. Using an official Freesat receiver, you can watch the about 100 free satellite TV channels.

All BBC channels, ITV1,2,3,4, C4, E4, More4, Film4 and FIVE are all free to watch on satellite.

BBC1HD, BBC HD, ITV1HD, Channel 4HD are all available to watch for free on Freesat HD TV in Spain.

Official "Freesat" receivers currently only have about 100 TV channels on their EPG at the moment - but on some Freesat receivers you can manually add other channels not on the EPG using a "non-freesat mode".
They can only receive "free to air" channels. Freesat receivers will have the Freesat logo on them.

Freesat boxes have two modes
In Freesat mode the Freesat channels are in the Freesat EPG - the ones that have been officailly added to the EPG and where new channels are updated automatically.

In nonfreesatmode you can manually add other free channels into an other channel list - the nonfreesatmode channels list- by manually scanning the individual frequencies.
To scan for channels, go to the menu and select Setup > Manual Tune.
To switch back to Freesat mode after playing with the other channels, go to: Menu > STB Mode > Freesat

It's handy being able to switch between Freesat and Non-Freesat channels, for situations where a channel is not yet part of Freesat, or is a Freesat-only channel. Note that when scanning for non-Freesat channels, the numbering sequence will be a bit odd, and also they can't be accessed via the Freesat Electronic Programme Guide.

Freesat Receivers
There are:
basic Freesat receivers - Grundigs, Bush and Humax have had good CB reports
HD Freesat receivers - the best being the Humax Foxsat Freesat HD receiver
Freesat+ - Humax Foxsat HDR+ with inbuilt hard disk, that allows you, with two cable feeds, to watch one channel and record another at the same time.

Most come with a HDMI cable so that you can connect it directly to your HD TV - as long as it has a HDMI connection - and start watching HD TV straight away.


Freesatfromsky uses official Sky receivers and allows the viewing of many more free channels than Freesat.

As at December 2011 a "freesatfromsky" viewing card will aalow you to watch:
Irish versions of Channel 4 - on frequency 12480
Five HD
Pick TV
Pick TV+1
Sony TV
Sony TV+1
Liverpool FC TV
Motors TV
Viva TV

The "Freesatfromsky" viewing cards are available in the UK for £25 (and some dealers may still be supplying them), and are subject to the same terms and conditions as a Sky subscription contract - including the "must not be used outside the uk". Your viewing card can be disabled if Sky find out that you are using it outside the UK but if they dont know you are using one here in spain.....

Until December 2011, Freesatfromsky cards had to be used to receive Five USA, and Five*.

These viewing cards are also known, incorrectly, as "freeview cards" or "freesat cards".

SKY TV In Spain

If you have a Sky receiver and want to pay monthly used for Free to air, free to view and subscription channels...Again the viewing cards are subject to the same terms and conditions as a Sky subscription contract - including the "must not be used outside the uk". your viewing card can be disabled if Sky find out that you are using it outside the UK but if they dont know you are using one here in spain.....

The best Sky receivers for Spain is the Pace 2600, followed by the Pace 430N. These ceased production about 5 years ago, and can only be bought as "reconditioned" units - or from Ebay.

The best of the latests batch of Sky receivers is the Thomson, followed by the Amstrad. Avoid the Pace 440 and 445 - i have found these to be very poor performers.

Although these standard receivers are no longer in producation. So you will only be able to find them in the second hand or refurbished markets.

SKY+ in Spain

Skys award winning PVR. Pause Live TV, recording with no tapes, watch one channel whilst recording another channel, series linking.

Available with ANY sky TV subscription package (from £20per month), or with no Sky TV subscription package for £10 per month - for the extra 7 quid best get atleast 1 sky mix!

SKY HD in Spain

A Sky HD receiver will incorportate all the recording functoins of the Sky+, but with the added ability to watch HD channels.

BBC1HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD, C4 HD and Five HD are available to watch without any subscription.
For the other Sky HD channels, you will need to pay an extra £10 per month for Skys HD Channels.

GENERIC Satellite Receivers

Note that many installers are using generic receivers (sometimes called Free To Air receivers) and calling them freesat or freeview receivers which may be confusing people. official freesat and sky receivers have a full 7 day programme guide...generic FTA receivers only have now and next programme infomation.

Generic receiver will need to be manually rescanned when channels change their audio or video settings - like ITV have done with some of their channels (on 071008) leaving some users without ITV.

Some generic receivers can also be modified with software to read Sky cards.

Digital+ - Spanish Satellite TV Servcice

D+ is the Spanish satellite service. It is broadcast from two satellites - Astra 19E and Hispasat 30W.

There is a variety of channels, from entertainment, movies and Sports. Many channels and programmes on the UK Sky system are also available on D+, and in most cases the language of the programmes can be changed into English.

D+ can be received on a small satellite dish, approx 80cm. YOu will need an official D+ viewing card to watch these channels. Some, not all, TDT channels are also on D+.

BBC Prime / BBC Entertainment

BBC Prime is a BBC pay channels for expats. It does not show movies or sport, but just homegrown programmes. It does show eastenders, and a variety of BBC and C4 programmes.
The standalone version of BBC Prime that was on Hotbird will, by March 2009, only be availble on Eurobird at 9 degrees east - so you may need your dish realigning.
You will need an official BBC Prime subscription card available from [url=""][/url].
BBC Prime is also available as part of some subscription packages.
Some generic receivers have been able to access BBC Prime by software that removes the encryption. It now appears that BBC Prime has moved to version Viaccess 2.6. Therefore for those who were watching BBC Prime without paying for it, your screen will have gone blank.

MBC / Dubai One / Fox Movies - English Language channels on Nilesat and Arabsat

Or you could always point a dish to badr / Arabsat at 26 degrees and look at the MBC 2,4,Action channels,the Fox Movie Channel, the Fox Series channel and Dubai One.

These channels show various movies dramas and action series such as
Once upon a time in mexico, One Hour Photo ,The Rookie ,TRAINING DAY ,Taxi, Ghost Whisperer , Smallville , Grey's Anatomy , Hustle, Knight Rider, and older series of TOP GEAR!!!
The channels and prgrammes are all mainly in english but with arabic subtitles.

All these channels are currently free to air, requiring a generic digital satellite receiver and at least an 80cm dish.

Section 2 satellite TV Channels

The main BBC, ITV and C4 channels are free and do not require any Sky card or form of subscription (note some ITV regions do require a freesatfromsky or sky card) to view these channels.

All channels on Freesat (apart from ITV HD) are available on a sky receiver, and were also available for free before the launch of freesat using a sky or generic reciever.

EU Television Without Frontiers
In 1989 the EU created the TVwF, as directive as to how it would like to see TV reception between member states. Various ammendments have subsequenly deemed the original proposals as unworkable (especially with PAY TV operations) but the directive is still alive and well and in use to level the playing field with broadcasters with rules on advertising, racial content, violence and protection of minors.

One area that people quote me on is

Article 2a
1. Member States shall ensure freedom of reception and shall not restrict retransmissions on their territory of television broadcasts from other Member States for reasons which fall within the fields coordinated by this Directive.

and i refer them to

Article 7
Member States shall ensure that broadcasters under their jurisdiction do not broadcast cinematographic works outside periods agreed with the rights holders.

Its all about copyright holders and the contracts signed between broadcasters and programme makers. So for example Sky cannot sign a deal with D+ in Spain to show Sky Sports without consulting all of the providers of their sport programmes (almost all are from third party programme makers) or the Governing bodies (like the FA), as these providers may have already signed deals with broadcasters in Spain who may object to the programmes they have paid for to be made available on another service (like TVE and the FA for Premier League TV rights)

The Freedom of Information Act (Various EU Directives) is covered by channels like BBC World News, the BBC World Service and Sky News - the UK Foreign Office partially fund the World Service and BBC World! These allow UK expats access to UK news and events and covers the requirements of the FoI - it does not mean you should be allowed to receiver all the national channels!! Similarly all other European countries have at least one channels in theoir own lanaguage that offers similar services. For example TVEi is the international version of TVE for Spain which is available for free on various satellites.

Section 3 Satellite Dishes in Spain

UK TV chanels are mainly broadcast from the Astra 2A Astra 2B Astra 2D, Astra 1N and Eurobird 1 satellites located at 28.2 to 28.5 degrees east of south. There are other Astra satellites around also - whoch tend to do more european channels (Spain D+ is on astras at 19.2). Many channels are available with a small 80cm dish, but to get the BBC and ITV and C4's, which areon the weaker Astra 2D satellite you will require a "big dish".

Note that reception of channels depends on your location and dish size. As a rough guide:
80cm will get you some channels - approx 50% of whats available
1.4m will get more channels (includng bbc1 and itv1,2,3,4)
1.8/2.4 will get even more channels (including bbc2 and c4)
not all channels will be available all day.

BIG DISHES - Big Portuguese Satellite Dishes in Spain - 1.8m, 1.9m, 2.4m Satellite Dishes

There are two companies, both from Portugal, which produce what are regarded as the best quality and performing (for their price) satellite dishes for the Costa Blanca. Personally I have found that there is very little difference in the performance of both the Portuguese made 1.8m dishes (dispite the properganda!)

Famaval also produce a 2.4m prime focus dishes which is identifiable with the holes around the rim of the dish, allowing extention panels to be added if required, to make the dish a 3.1m! For whatever reason I have found this Famaval 2.4m dish not to be as prone to rusting as the Famaval 1,8m counterpart!

Other 1.8 and 2.4m prime focus dishes are available and can be cheaper, like the Fortecstar Petal Dishes. Myself and some other installers do not recommend these "petal" dishes, as we have found them not to perform as good as their equivilent Famaval dishes. I have found that dishes made in Turkey generally perform poorer than those made in Portugal. They are made from spun steel, and can be identified by the "spin circles" on the back of the dish. Some models of big dishes area actually two parts welded together - you can sometimes see the join along the dish! Some other makes of dish, like Channel Masters, do perform much better than the Portuguese dishes, and their cost reflects this (around 2000euros).

For reference Famaval dish sizes are

1.4 prime focus
Outside diameter: 1440mm x 1440mm
Relector diameter: 1330mm x 1330mm

1.8 prime focus
Outside diameter: 1940mm x 1940mm
Relector diameter: 1790mm x 1790mm

2.4 prime focus
Outside diameter: 2470mm x 2470mm
Relector diameter: 2290mm x 2290mm

The 1.8m dish is sometimes incorrectly refered to as a 1.9m dish. As you can see from the measuements above, the reflector on a Portuguese Famaval satellite dish is actually 1.8m. Dealers use 1.9m as it sounds like you are getting more dish for your money!

What channels can i get on an 80cm dish?

A question many have asked, so here goes...

(I am using links as these will be more accurate and complete than posting all the 100's of channels here..)

using this link for free tv channels

and this link for the Sky pay channels (use the beam column)

on an 80 cm dish you should be able to pick up most of the channels on eurobird 1
on an 80 cm dish you should be able to pick up most of the channels on astra 2a and Astra 2B south beam
on an 80 cm dish you may not be able to pick up the channels on astra 2a and Astra 2b north beam
on an 80 cm dish you should be able to pick up most of the channels on astra 1N
on an 80 cm dish you will not be able to pick up of the channels on astra 2d

Community Satellite TV Installations

It is possible for one dish to serve a number of receivers at different houses. If less than 4 connections are required then a 4 output LNB should be OK, with a cable from the dish to each location. If more than 4 connections are required, then the system will require a special signal distribution unit - called multiswitches. These multiswicthes are strategically placed around the community to serve, and individual connections are made from these points. I persoannly run new cable in these systems, as you cannot rely on the condition of the exisitng cable.

Ideally, the community will pay for the infrastructure required (dish, LNB, cables from LNB to multiswicthes, multiswicthes and amplifiers) and individuals will pay for the conenction from the multiswitch to their house, and any receivers they require.

Permission must be sought for dishes to be installed on community areas, including appartment blocks. In privately owned houses, dish rules are fairly relaxed, but generally make sure it is installed in an area that wont upset your neighbours. You may also be required to ask your local town hall for permission to install a big dish.

Section 4 TV Rebroadcasting

Under the Rome Convention broadcasters have the right to authorize or prohibit the re-broadcasting of their broadcasts. "Re-broadcasting" is defined under the Rome Convention as the simultaneous broadcasting by one broadcasting organization of the broadcast of another broadcast organization. Broadcasters also have the right to authorize or prohibit the fixation of their broadcasts; the reproduction of unauthorized original fixations of their broadcasts; the reproduction for purposes other than those authorized fixations of their broadcasts.

Basically it says you need authorisation from the "Broadcasting organisations" like BBC and ITV to rebroadcast their transmission in the EU.

You may be using a rebroadcaster if your TV company:
is offering bbc and itv on a small dish or mesh aerial - these channels can only be legitimatly received for free via a minimun of 1.4mdish (some areas 1.8m)

offers bbc and itv for a monthly subscription - bbc and itv are free on satellite and do not need a subscription

offers "freesat" with only 20 or 64 channels - by satellite you will recieve over 100 free tv channels, not 20 or 64. the bbc have over 15 regional variations on satellite alone.

offers sky sports for less than £36 per month or setanta sports for less than £14 per month - the costs of legitimate subscriptions to these channels.

offers channels from other countries - channels like Showtime Sports for example.

saysthey get BBC and ITV from a satellite other than Astra 2, like Hotbird - bbc and itv are only broadcast on one "satellite constellation (those satellites at 28.3 to 28.5 degrees)

as these companies will more than likely be a rebroadcasting services whos signal may be terminated just like Telemicro.

Section 5 Advantages of Satellite TV over Rebroadacst TV Systems

with a sky or freesat receiver you can get bbc interactive, sky active and a full 7 day programme guide. you may need a big dish, you may pay more for the installation, but at least the signal is pretty much gaurenteed as it it direct from the satellite and is not reliant on a third party.

pure digital broadcasting (with some channels in full Dolby Digital sound), not reliant on second or third or fourth generation signals as the signals gets past from one rebroadcast transmitter to another. many ex rebroadcasting clients have commented on how good the signal direct fromt he satellite is compared to that of a rebroadcasted signal.

and if you are in doubt as to whether or not it is OK to view free satellite tv channels (like BBC and ITV) in Spain via satellite see
[url=""] ... on&id=1667[/url]
which says that "it may be possible outside the UK to use a satellite receiver to pick up channels available on freesat" - nothing about it being illegal - the technical term is "satellite signal overspill".

A final thought on this: if it was illegal to watch TV channels that were broadcsted for free, then all shops selling free to air receivers would be in trouble, as would Canal Digital + (the spanish satellite service) as their receivers can also pick up free tv satellite channels from other countries.

Section 6 Default Transponder Settings for Spain For Sky Boxes
Resetting your Sky Receiver after powercut

When a Sky receiver is first booted up, like after a power cut, then the first thing it requires to function is at least 6 hours of EPG information. It looks for this data on the Default transponder frequency of 11778.

This frequency can be poor in Spain, and therefore the receiver will ont be able to find the information is required and therefore will not work - giving the message "No satellite Signal is Being Received".
Changing the default transponder to another frequency (i use 12129) allow the receiver to get the information it requires to function.

What to do if you are getting the message "No Satellite signal is being received".

1.This usually means that your Digibox is blocked and you are unable to receive the signals it requires. This usually occurs after power cuts or other interruptions to the Digibox power supply.
2.Remove the power cable from the Digibox only. This can be found on the back of the Digibox, and is normally a black cable on either the extreme left or right of the Digibox. Reinsert the power cable after 30 seconds.
3.Turn on the Digibox.
4.On the Sky remote control press the SERVICES button
5.On the Sky remote control press 401 (four zero one) and then the SELECT button.
6.If the above has been done correctly you should see the Installer Setup Menu screen. If you do not see the Installer Setup Menu screen then start this process again.
7.Press "2" on your Sky remote control.
8.If done correctly should be looking at the Default Transponder screen.
9.On the Sky remote control press 12129 (one two one two nine). This will change the default FREQUENCY to 12.129.
10.Ensure that the default POLARIZATION is "V"
Ensure that the default SYMBOL RATE is "7.5"
Ensure that the default FEC is "/3"
11.On the Sky remote control press the DOWN ARROW button three times and then press SELECT. This will SAVE NEW SETTINGS and return you to the Installer Setup Menu screen.
12.On the Sky remote control press the BACK UP button until you exit all the menus.
If done correctly the time will appear on the white bar, and picture will shortly reappear try channel 501 (Sky News).

for a downloadable PDF of the Default Transponder process, or watch a video of the process in operation see

No matter what people tell you changing this default transponder does not increase how long channels are available. It is only used to "assist" the receiver to boot up. It is normal for the Default Transponder to revert back to 11778 once the receiver is functioning.

Section 7 Auto Standby on Sky Boxes

Sky has been deploying new receiver software, and incorportaed in to this is a new feture designed to help save energy when the SKy receiver is not being used.

If the box hasn't been used for a period of two hours after 11pm, or for four hours during the day time, an �Auto Standby' message will pop up on screen for three minutes. If there's no further use the box will go into Standby mode automatically, until the user turns it back on.

This can be an issue if you are using a VCR to receord things from the Sky receivers as when the reciver goes into Autostanby mode you will record a blank (or blue!) screen if the box has shut down....

You can turn it off by using the option in Services (Sky+ Setup for + and HD users!)

Section 9 Sky Programem Guide (EPG)

Skys Electronic Programme Guide is used on SKy receivers. Although all the frequencies used by Sky transmit limited EPG information, the main EPG data is transmitted on one freqency - 11778. You may notice that this frequency is also the main Default Transponder - and the same frequency that is measured in the Sky receivers Signal Test screen. This frequencys reception varies greatly during the day and may not be available 24/7 - especially during the afternoon, and also certain Sky receivers really do not like this frequency. Hence why you may only get a limited (6 hours or so, EPG information in the EPG.

The Freesat EPG is transmitted from a different frequency to Sky (in fact it is on a different satellite!), whose reception is widely available over Europe - hence why you do not have to change the Freesat eciver "default transponder". It was the fact that the Freesats EPG would be easily available over Europe on a small dish that lead many, including installers, into thinking that all channels on Freesat would be available all over Europe in a small dish. Where as in fact both Sky and Fresat EPGs point to the same frequencies for the channels they use (apart from FIVE!)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Channel Five changes December 2011

Channel 5, Channel 5+1, Five USA, Five USA+1, Five* and Five*+1 are now all free to air.

On Freesat the channel numbers are:

105: Channel 5
128: Channel 5+1
129: 5 USA
130: 5 USA +1
131: 5*
132: 5* +1

On Sky boxes the channel numbers are:

105: Channel 5
174: 5 USA
175: 5 USA +1
176: 5*
177: Channel 5+1
236: 5* +1
Five HD: 171 (free to view - and still requires a Sky Card to view)

Monday, December 5, 2011

ITV1 Central S or ITV1 Central E - no signal messages - new frequency settings for these channels

If you access either of the ITV1 regions Central E or Central S via your Sky boxes other channels, or directly on "generic" recievers, then you may be experienceing the "no signal" messages.

This is beacase these two ITV1 regions changed frequencies this afternoon.

They have moved to frequency 11053 h 22 5/6

So you will have to go to Services, add channels, and scan the frequency and press yellow and select to add them, using the new frequency, to your other channels

This is on a different beam to their previous frequencies, so reception on smaller dishes may not be like they used to be.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Channel Five. Now Free to air on satellite. No Sky card required.

Channel 5, Channel 5 +1, 5 USA, 5 USA +1, 5* , 5* +1, Channel 5 +1 are now available free to air.

Earlier today these channel had their encryption turned off.

So these channels are now available to watch for free, with no Sky card required.

This will be in preparation for these channels to be made available on Freesat boxes on the 6th / 8th December 20110.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lost Channel Five in Spain? No Satellite Signal is being receive for Channel Five in "other channels"? The solution is here

As of today, some of you may have lost "channel Five" that you have stored in your sky digiboxes "other channels" list.

That is because, as per this post the Channel fives have changed frequency.

So if you try to access these "stored" channel fives in your "other channels" list you will receive the "no satellite signal" message.
This is becasuse the channel are no longer on that frequency.

You must now add the Channel Five on the new frequency to your other channels list:

4 - add channels
input the new frequency details for channel five 10965 H 22000 5/6
Find channels
Press the yellow button that places a "tick" next to the chanenl five.
Press Select
That new Channel five is now stored in your "other channels" list access via the services button on oyur Sky remote control.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How the BBC picked which F1 races it would cover live in 2012

Found this about how the BBC picked which F1 races it would cover live in 2012

It has been interesting to see the response to the BBC/Sky announcements today regarding their coverage for next year (you can read about their plans 81 Comments). Most of the feedback coming my way from fans, it has to be said, has been pretty damning of the BBC. Here's a selection of Twitter reactions I have received:

"Absolute joke. 3rd round before a LIVE race. No full re-runs either (another Lie) sadly Black Friday now has a meaning in F1"

"it's not great Tom, 4 out of the 10 are iconic #f1 tracks with history and excitement, the rest well… VALENCIA says it all."

"I'll be going to sky… I want to see everything!!"

"I'm devastated we're only getting highlights of 10 of the races. I could cope with non-live full race replays but not this!"

"Surprised TBH! If they did get the first pick of the pot, why didn't they pick Oz? Or Canada or Japan?"

The 'extended highlights' rather than full re-runs is clearly a sore point – not helped by the fact that there has been confusion over this issue from the start. Martin Whitmarsh said when the deal was first announced that Bernie had promised the teams full re-runs on the BBC and fans had got their hopes up (although 90mins and 120mins of highlights is pretty comprehensive).

As far as which live races the BBC picked – another sore point – I think it is worth mentioning the selection process.

My understanding is that the BBC had the first three picks. It went for Monaco, Silverstone and the season finale in Brazil. You can't really argue with any of those. The first two speak for themselves while the third – well, imagine if we get a repeat of 2008 next year with Lewis Hamilton going for the title at Interlagos… the BBC couldn't afford to take the risk.

Sky then had the next three picks and then there was a system whereby I'm told they alternated. But there were stipulations. Neither channel could pick three consecutive races. In other words, the BBC was not allowed to have three consecutive races live while Sky was not allowed three consecutive races exclusively live, which made it rather tricky. Try it for yourself.

For instance, the BBC could not have Monza – one of the classic circuits and one which most F1 fans would want – because that would have made it three in a row with Spa and Singapore on either side. The BBC also had other considerations such as the Euros next summer, which clash with Canada.

All in all I don't think BBC has done too badly with its picks considering the limitations imposed on it by the contract (it's the contract which is the real bone of contention here, of course, but remember the BBC coverage could not stay as it is now forever, cost-cutting etc – but that is a separate debate). Having both the Spanish races is a bit of a drag. And not having a race until China is also a blow with Sky having a golden opportunity to steal a march.

But Sky will be sweating, too, particularly on the outcome of the Bahrain and Austin grands prix, both of which it has exclusively live. One or both of those could be dropped at the WMSC meeting in a couple of weeks.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

, BBC Christmas 2011 Trailer

The BBC has unveiled its brand new trailer for the Christmas season.

The promo, which lasts over a minute, sees various stars from the channel singing along to the Oliver! song 'Consider Yourself'.

David Jason, Graham Norton and Sir Bruce Forsyth appear in the video alongside Doctor Who stars Karen Gillan and Matt Smith.

The cast of Outnumbered also feature, as do comedians such as Alexander Armstrong, John Bishop and Lee Mack.

The stars of the trailer are decked out in jumpers, and the video also features traditional festive items such as mince pies, crackers and Christmas trees.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sky to launch F1 channel in HD for 2012

Sky is to launch a new sports channel devoted entirely to Formula One motor racing and will use it to drive takeup of high definition television.

Sky Sports F1 HD will be the satellite broadcaster's first channel devoted to a single sport. Sky bagged UK TV rights to Formula One for the first time earlier this year in a joint deal with the BBC, which previously had exclusive coverage of the sport.

The channel, which will broadcast for all of the nine-month F1 season from next year, will be available to subscribers to Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2, and to non-sports customers who subscribe to its HD services. Sky Sports subscribers without HD will receive a standard definition version.


BBC reveals 2012 F1 coverage plans

The BBC has announced its coverage plans for 2012 - revealing the 10 races it will broadcast live and outlining its plans for highlights programmes.

With Sky showing every grand prix live, the BBC will not broadcast its first live race until the third round of the championship in China.

After that, it will broadcast the races in Spain, Monaco, Valencia, Britain, Belgium, Singapore, Korea, Abu Dhabi and Brazil.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Channel Five, Five * Five USA - change of frequencies for reception on Sky boxes. Channel Five in Spain

Channel Five and its sister channels Five* and Five USA has today changed frequency.

It is no longer available on its old frequency of 12442 H.

The Channel Fives are now located on the new frequency of 10965 H 22000 5/6

This new frequency for the Channel Fives is on the new Astra 1N satellite.

This new Channel Five frequency has a very good strong signal here in Spain and the Costa Blanca, and should be easily available on an 80cm satellite dish. If you can receive True Movies (sky channel 321), then you should be able to receive Channel Five on its new frequency. If you cannot receive Channel Five, and you are receiving a "no signal is being received" message, then either your satellite dish may need to be realigned, or it may be too small toreceive Chanel Five on the new frequency..

Sky boxes should will automatically change to the new Channel Five frequency, and users need to do nothing.

Freesat boxes: this does not affect Freesta users at the moment, but you will have to performa Freesat channel scan on the 8th December 2011 to inlcude the Five channels into your Freesat channel list.

Any other receivers will need to be manually updated, via the installation menu, for the new Chanel Five frequency on Astra 1N

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Channel Five, Channel 5 +1, 5 USA and 5* to join freesat, and be free to air

Channel 5 have announced that Channel 5 +1, 5 USA and 5* (plus their +1 timeshift channels) will all be joining the Freesat platform in December.

Channel 5+1 will launch on Freesat on EPG channel number 128 on Tuesday 6th December.
Presumably it will alos launch on the Sky EPG.

5* and 5 USA, as well as their relative +1 services, will also launch on Freesat on Thursday 8th December. The relevent Freesat EPG channel numbers wil be as follows:

129: 5 USA
130: 5 USA +1
131: 5*
132: 5* +1

So, it looks like with 1N available, the fives will be available free to air, with no sky card on a small dish for the foreseeable future.

No mention of Five HD joining Freesat soon.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Channel 4 HD - change of frequencies for reception on Sky HD and Freesat HD

Channel 4 HD has today changed frequency.

It is no longer available on its old frequency of 12606 V.

Channel 4 HDs new frequency is now 11123 V 22000 2/3

This new frequency for C4HD is on the new Astra 1N satellite.

This new Channel 4 HD frequency has a very good strong signal here in Spain and the Costa Blanca, and should be easily available on an 80cm satellite dish.

Sky HD boxes will automatcially change to the new Channel 4 HD frequency, and users need to do nothing.

Freesat HD boxes should also change to the new C4 HD frequency, but in some cases a Freesat scan may be required.

Any other receivers will need to be manually updated, via the installation menu, for the new C4 HD frequency on Astra 1N

Friday, November 18, 2011

Astra 1N - Testing frequencies

These are some of the latest frequencies showing test signals for the new Astra 1N satellite, that has recently been launched and will be providing additional satellite capaciity for UK Satellite TV.

From the looks of it the scare stories being banded around about loosing channels may just be that: stories.

These three frequencies are onthe alleged UK Spot beam of Astra 1N, however I am able to receive these on my 80cm dish.

Frequency: 11053 horizontal symbol rate 22000 fec 5/6
Currently transmitting and carrying ITV1 regions, in the clear with no sky viewing card required.
These ITV1 regions may be in preparation for the ITV1 regions on Frequency 11973 or 12402 that do require a sky card to be moved.

Frequency: 10965 horizontal symbol rate 22000 fec 5/6
Currently transmitting carrying Channel 5, Five USA, Five USA+1, 5*, 5*+1, and "7720" which we think may well be Channel 5+1. These channelsa re still encrypted at the moment.
These channel Five channels may be in preparation for the channel Five channels on Frequency 12422 that do require a sky card to be moved. They are expected to get Free to air, available with no sky card, sometime in December.

Frequency: 11.123 vertical symbol rate:22000 fec:2/3
Currently transmitting carrying C4HD.
This C4HD may be in preparation for Chanel 4 HD to move from is current frequency ot another, and it may also be in preparation for more C4 HD channels, like E4HD and maybe even Film4HD.

Note: These are the latest test signals. They may not be the final frequencies for the channels. Although I am able to recevive these on my 80cm satellite dish , there is no saying they will still be available on my 80cm satellite dish when the channels go live.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

UK TV Satellites - Astra 2A, Astra 2B, Astra 2C, Astra 1N, Eurobird 1 - and reception in Spain

UK Satellite TV is provided by FIVE satellites.

Four of these satellites are operated by SES Astra of Belgium, and one, Eurobird, is operated by Eutelsat.

SES Astra operate Astra 2a, Astra 2b, Astra 2d and Astra 1N.

Eutelsat operate Eurobird 1.

These satellites provide the UK And Europe with the UK satellite TV channels, such as the BBC, ITV and those provided on the Freesat and Sky satellite platforms.

These five satellites are located at 28.2 to 28.5 degrees east of south.

Each of these satellites operate a number of "beams". Each of these beams have different reception characteristics, especially in fringe reception areas like Spain and the Costa Blanca. This is the reason why channels like Sky News can be reepived in Spain on a smller satellite dish than channels like BBC TV Channels, as these channels are distributed across these different beams.

There are a number of "siganl reception maps" or "footprints" for these beams, but they have to be treated with some caution. Many of them are the theoretical reecption, and are different to the actual reception.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Channel 5 +1 from December on Sky and Freesat and Freeview

Channel 5 is to launch a one-hour timeshifted version of its main terrestrial network next month.

Channel 5+1 will launch on Freeview, Freesat and BSkyB in early December.

The broadcaster said the new channel, which will give viewers the chance to catch up on Channel 5 shows such as Big Brother, CSI and children's strand Milkshake, is also "expected" to be available via Virgin Media at some point next year.

Channel 5+1 will join the broadcaster's existing one-hour timeshifted spin-offs from digital channels 5* and 5USA.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Astra 1N. New satellite for UK satellite TV reception. Sky tv in Spain. UK TV in Spain

On the 24th October 2011, Astra 1N finally made it to it first location.

Luxembourg, 24 October 2011 - SES S.A. (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) today announced that its new ASTRA 1N satellite has entered commercial service at the orbital position of 28.2 degrees East.

ASTRA 1N was built by Astrium on the Eurostar E3000 platform and is equipped with 52 transponders in the Ku frequency band. The satellite was successfully launched on board an Ariane 5 rocket from Kourou, French Guiana, on 6 August 2011. It had a launch mass of 5,325 kg and is the fourth Eurostar satellite in the 49 satellite-strong SES fleet.

ASTRA 1N greatly enhances the flexibility of the SES satellite fleet at the orbital slot 28.2 degrees East over Europe. ASTRA 1N is notably being used by Channel 4 and ITV. The new satellite will also allow SES to offer its satellite-based broadband service ASTRA2Connect via 28.2 degrees East and thus complement its service offer from the 23.5 degrees East position. ASTRA2Connect is Europe's largest satellite broadband network with more than 80,000 end users

Today, some frequencies on Astra 1N are powered, but there are no channels available from Astra 1N as yet.

However SES Astra have confirmed that

C4 and ITV will start on 1N in the coming days. This will be completely transparent to consumers as there will be no change in frequencies.

What can be said is that C4HD will be defintely moving from Eurobird1 to 1N.

And there are rumours about Film4hd, E4hd and M4hd becoming free to air and, in the case of Film4HD, finally on satellite, on the same C4HD frequency - however nothing has been confirmed by Channel 4.

As for ITV, you can probably safely say that the "free to view" versions of ITV1 on freq 11973 and 12402 that currently require a sky card to view will also move FTA and move from their Astra 2 south beams to Astra 1N.

And, although nothing has been said, there are strong rumours about the "five channels", apart from FiveHD, moving from their current ASra 2 frequencies to Astra 1N and also becoming FTA and no longer sky card required.

Astra 1N Reception

Earlier this week C4HD appeared on Astra 1N. I assume this was a test of the satellite and frequency. The channels appered for a few hours in the clear and free to air. However, after a few hours the channel became encrypted and unavailable.

C4HD frequency on Astra 1N is:
11127.00 V DVB-S2 8PSK 22000 2/3
channel named 21200
The signal is currently encrypted.
This cannot be tuned manually on a Sky receiver or a standard definition FTA box.

The reception for this frequency is not as bad as first thought. If this is indeed on Astra 1N's UK spot beam, then it is not very restrictive, and looks to be avaialble on smaller 80cm to 1m satellite dishes on the Valencia area and Costa Blanca areas of Spain. That is assuming that the satellite power is not reduced, meaning the reception is also reduced.

But from recent reception reqpoers it looks like those in Eastern Europe will be the ones that may well struggle more than before with channels that
migrate onto Astra 1N.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sky TV & Freesat rival Real Digital offer premium HD TV by Christmas launches soon

Real Digital to offer premium HD TV and ITV Player by Christmas

Sky and Freesat rival Real Digital is to launch next week with plans to introduce a 15 channel premium channel package and ITV Player before Christmas.

The Real Digital EPG will include more than 190 free to air TV channels and 70 radio channels.

Pay TV packages are expected to be added in the next three months. A sports package will include Sky Sports 1 and 2 for £25 a month and a 15 channel premium package will include HD versions of US channel Blackbelt TV and an as-yet-unamed music channel for £10 a month.

Viewers will need to activate the viewing card which is included with their receiver either over the phone or online. No contract is required and there is no minimum subscription period.

BBC iPlayer will be available via the red button at launch for those who connect their receiver to the internet via Ethernet. ITV Player is expected to be added before Christmas followed by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The first Real Digital receivers go on sale next week.

Personally, I cannot see this system taking off at all.

If people wanted free to air channels, then they will go for Sky TV.
If people want SKy Sports then they will go for Sky, and get Sky Sports 3 and Sky Sports 4 as well, which are not offered on Real Digital. And with a few more pounds speny on a subscription cyou can get another 40plus Sky subscrition channels like GOLD, Dave, Sky One, SyFy...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

BBC Two HD to replace BBC HD

The BBC has announced plans to replace the four-year-old BBC HD channel with a high definition simulcast of BBC Two.

Today, the corporation confirmed a number of proposals in its Delivering Quality First initiative, aimed at saving £670m a year by 2016/7 as it faces major budget cuts under its new licence fee settlement.

The proposals include the axe of BBC Two's daytime budget, the scaling back of BBC Three and BBC Four, as well as a small reduction in BBC One's budget.

Also, the corporation has put forward the proposal of scrapping the BBC HD channel in favour of BBC Two HD, which will "broadcast alongside the existing BBC One HD channel".

Launched in 2007, BBC HD initially provided a home for all of the BBC's high definition programming, including shows from BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three and BBC Four. The channel also hosted the BBC's first live 3D broadcast this July for the Wimbledon Finals.

However, BBC HD has been dogged by a picture quality controversy on satellite over the past two years, and its remit has been questioned ever since BBC One HD launched in autumn 2010.

The corporation has now proposed dropping the standalone BBC HD channel, but it is unclear what will be done with HD content from BBC Three and BBC Four under the new arrangement.

Elsewhere in the cuts proposals, the BBC said that it would reduce the BBC Red Button interactive service to make it "consistent across all digital TV platforms". Plans were also announced earlier in the year to reduce the budget of BBC Online by 25%.

In a statement, BBC director general Mark Thompson added: "This is a plan which puts quality and creativity first. It's a plan for a smaller BBC, but a BBC which uses its resources more effectively and collaboratively to deliver a full range of services to the public.

"The plan meets the savings target we agreed in last year's licence fee settlement, but also identifies nearly £150m per year to invest in new high-quality output and in the platforms and services of the future."

The BBC Trust is now running a public consultation on all the cost-saving proposals put forward by the BBC, which will close in December.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changes to the BBC Sports stream frequencies - loss of BBC News and Sports streams in Spain

As part of the BBCs process to close down one of their satellite transponder frequencies in a bid to save money, the BBC Sports streams have changed frequencies.

As mentioned on , BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament have moved to another frequency.

The BBC Sports streams have now moved onto this vacated frequency.

Sky box and Freesat box users will not have to do anything, as your boxes will automatically update tot he new frequencies.

Users of non Sky and Non freesat "generic" or free to air boxes will have to perform a scan of the new frequency for the BBC SPorts Streams.

The new frequency for the BBC Sports stream is 11954 h 27.5 2/3.

They are currently showing as channels with the names of "6711 6712 6713 6714 6715".

This process by the BBC will mean that users of Sky boxes and Freesat boxes, who used to use the BBC News channel and the Red Button 3001 process to access the BBC Sports Multiscreen streams on a small satellite dish, will no longer be able to receive these BBC Sports stream, as you will no longer have access to a BBC channel on your small satellite dish to launch the Red Button application.


At the moment (30/9/11) you can add the BBC Streams from the new BBC Sports stream frequency of 11954H.

input frequency of 11954 H
find channels
press yellow next to the channel labelled as "6711 6712 6713 6714 6715" which will place a tick next to those channels.

These stored channels will appear in the the Sky box's "other channels" list.

However, there will be video, but no audio.

So the current workaround is:

In the services menu, go to 4 systms set up,
then language and subtitles,
and change the Favourite language to anything other than English,

You can currently get audio on the new "streams", and its still fine on most of the other channels also

Friday, September 23, 2011

Have you lost BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament on a small satellite dish in Spain?

As discussed on

the BBC are cost cutting and reducing the number of BBC satellite TV frequencies they use for their BBC satellite TV channels.

This means that BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament will no longer be available on a small satellite dish in Spain.

Freesat box users may already have noticed that if you try to watch BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament ona small satellite dish in Spain, then you may be getting a "no signal" message on your screen.

This is because your Freesat receiver has been updated to look at the new BBC TV frequencies for BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament. The new satellite tv frequencies for BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament are only available on "big 1.8m 1.9m 2.4m satellite dishes" in Spain and the Costa Blanca.

It is expected that Sky box users in Spain using a small satellite dish will notice they are getting a "no satellite signal being received" message from Monday 26th September, when Sky box frequencies for BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament are changed.

The new frequencies for BBC News BBC Alba and BBC Parliament are:

BBC News frequency 10803 H 22000 5/6
BBC Alba frequency 10818 V 22000 5/6
BBC Parliament frequency 10788 V 22000 5/6

Take cover, Earthlings! A huge 18,000mph out-of-control satellite will hit our planet tonight

AN out-of-control satellite plummeting to Earth at 18,000mph could land almost anywhere this evening – including Britain, Nasa warned last night.

The craft, which is the size of a bus, will break up on entering Earth’s atmosphere, flinging huge chunks of metal weighing up to 350lb across hundreds of miles.

NASA said it will only know two hours before impact where it will land – and even that prediction will only be accurate to the nearest 6,000 miles. It could be anywhere between the 57th parallel north, which crosses Britain at around Inverness, and the 57th parallel south, which passes just below South America.

Incredibly, the plummeting six-ton satellite has been caught on film.

Astrophotographer Thierry Legault's clip, shot in northern France, shows the 20-year-old Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS), appearing as a beaming mass of light as it careers to Earth

Nasa orbital debris scientist Mark Matney admitted: ‘We know it is going to hit somewhere between 57 north and 57 south, which covers most of the inhabited world, unfortunately.’

However, scientists have ruled out the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite striking North America.
Its orbit was been altered by Nasa deliberately to make it crash – but it is now coming down sooner than expected due to changed atmospheric conditions.

It is falling to Earth at five miles per second, faster than previously thought and experts say there is a one in 3,200 chance of someone being hit by debris – more likely than getting a hole in one during a round of golf.

The 35ft Nasa craft, which weighs 6.5tonnes, was put into space in 1991 to monitor climate change, and ceased operations in 2005.
The falling satellite will look like a fiery meteor shower as it begins to burn up in the atmosphere.

It is expected to break into more than 100 pieces with most of it being destroyed before it hits the ground. But around 26 pieces are expected to make it through and the heaviest metal parts are expected to reach Earth, including titanium fuel tanks.

Nasa spokesman Steve Cole said: ‘Anybody who finds a piece of the satellite should stay away from it and call the police and let them deal with it.

‘It could be very hot or it could be dangerous. It depends on what speed the debris is going, but it could go be going fast enough to go through a house.

‘We will have to wait and see if the debris creates a crater. If it is spherical that is possible but if it has a less regular shape it may not be going so fast.’

Mr Cole added that more accurate predictions are expected throughout today and will be posted on Nasa’s website.
Debris routinely falls to Earth from space but the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite will be the biggest Nasa craft to fall uncontrolled from space in 32 years.

In 1979 Skylab, which was 15 times bigger, rained charred chunks on the Indian Ocean and western Australia after Nasa said it would land in South Africa.

In 2003 when the space shuttle Columbia exploded upon re-entry killing its entire crew, large chunks of its shell landed across Texas


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Digital+ Satellite TV in Spain, more HD channels coming soon

Digital + is the television system in Spain with the highest number of HD channels on their chanel list, reaching 22 HD channels in total.

HD cannels available on Digital+ satellite Tv in Spain are: Canal + HD, Canal + Action HD, Canal + Comedy HD, Canal + DCine HD, Canal + Xtra HD, Cinemagic HD, Canal + Liga HD, Canal + Football HD, Canal + Sport HD, Canal + Deporte2 HD, Eurosport HD, Calle 13 HD, Cosmo HD, FOX HD, AXN HD, TNT HD, Canal Hollywood HD, National Geographic Channel HD, Travel HD, MTVNHD, Mezzo Live HD Box Office HD .

From October, Digital + continues to expand the number of channels in high definition with the entry of SyFy Nat Geo Wild HD and HD.

The documentary channel Nat Geo Wild HD Movistar already in future coverage for customers, is committed to bring the viewer a unique insight into the natural world, the environment and the amazing species that live in it.

SyFy HD lands in the month of October in Spain by Digital +, being in the second channel of NBC Universal to incorporate High Definition version of the operator. The channel focuses on the genre of science fiction and fantasy and mainly enjoy the HD series Alias, Doctor Who, Haven, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe oWarehouse 13.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

BBC News frequency changes affecting reception on Sky TV and Freesat TV in Spain

During this week - commencing 19 September 2011

BBC News will move to new frequency 10803 H 22000-5/6
BBC Alba will move to new frequency 10818 V 22000-5/6
BBC Parliament will move to new frequency 10788 V 22000-5/6

BBC News will be moving to a weaker satellite beam, and this beam may not be available 24/7 even on the big 2.4m Portuguese satellite dishes in Spain.

More information on

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sky Sports Free Weekend - September 24 to 26

Sky Sports free weekend pass

Watch all the Sky Sports channels for free on the weekend of September 24-25.

With the free weekend pass, Sky Sports are giving non-Sky Sports customers a whole weekend of world-class sport for free.

From 6am on Saturday September 24 to 6am on Monday 26, even if you don't have a Sky Sports subscription you can watch all the sporting action on all five Sky Sports channels including Sky Sports News.

And for those of you who have the HD box and an HD package with Sky or Virgin Media, you can feast your eyes on all the weekend's action in stunning HD on Sky Sports HD1, HD2, HD3 & HD4 as well as Sky Sports News HD *

So how will it work?
If you are a Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk or Small World customer, all you have to do is simply turn to the Sky Sports Channel of your choice and enjoy!

Sky Sports HD1/1
So to catch the US PGA Tour Golf on Saturday night, just tune in to Sky Sports HD 1 (Sky Channel 401) or Sky Sports 1 (Sky Channel 408) between 7 and 10pm and with the press of a button you'll be taken to the lush greens of Atlanta.

Other great events on Sky Sports 1 and HD 1 include Solheim Cup golf (7am-7pm), the live npower Football League match Cardiff City v Leicester City(1.30pm-3.30pm); the Barclays Premier League clash QPR v Aston Villa (3.30pm-6pm) and not forgetting an evening of live International T20 Cricket with England v West Indies (6pm- 11pm).

Sky Sports HD2/2
On Sky Sports HD 2 (Sky Channel 402) and Sky Sports 2 (Sky Channel 409) there's more world class Barclays Premier League football with Manchester City v Everton (12.30pm-3.30pm), Live engage Super League (5pm-7.30pm) followed by a super Sunday of golf with another trip to the emerald greens of Ireland for the Solheim Cup (9.30am-5pm) and more from the US PGA Tour (5pm-11pm).

Sky Sports HD3/3
There's even more on Sky Sports HD 3 (Sky Channel 403) and Sky Sports 3 (Sky Channel 418). Why not catch Saturday rugby union action with the live Currie Cup match Lions v Blue Bulls (2pm-4pm) followed by live Championship rugby with the Cornish Pirates v Leeds (4pm-6.30pm)?

Then enjoy an evening at ringside with Fight Night Live (8.30pm-10.30pm). Sunday sees Exeter play Wasps in the Aviva Premiership (2.30pm-5pm) then it's off to Spain to watch live La Liga football (6pm-10.30pm)

Sky Sports HD4/4
On Sky Sports HD 4 (Sky Channel 404) and Sky Sports 4 (Sky Channel 454) let Saturday kick off with some live Scottish football with Dunfermline v Rangers from the Clydesdale Bank Premier League (12.30pm-3.30pm), changing gear for live Grand Prix Speedway (6pm-9pm). At 9pm jet off for a Saturday evening of more live sun-soaked La Liga football fixtures from Spain (9pm-11pm). Then on Sunday, touch down in the USA for awesome American football from the NFL.

Monday, September 12, 2011

BBC Astra Satellite Frequency Changes in September and October 2011 - may affect your Sky TV / BBC TV reception in Spain

The BBC is making some changes to BBC News, BBC Parliament and BBC Alba.

These channels will be moving from their present transponder / frequency (11954/H/27500), which is available nice and easy for expats as it is a wide European beam, to transponders / frequencies on the narrow beam Astra 2D.

This will mean that expats wanting to watch these three channels, BBC News, BBC Parliament and BBC Alba, and who cannot receive the narrow beam Astra 2 transmissions where domestic BBC, ITV, Channel4 and Channel 5 are to be found, will be affected, as they will no longer be able tor recevie these channels.

The changes are due to BBC cost cutting and the corporation will also be cutting the number of Red Button streams, thus releasing a whole wide band transponder, and saving the BBC an estimated £5m a year, by no longer renting that transponder.

This will also mean that those people who use a Sky box, and the BBC News Red Button service to access the BBC Sports Red Button serives, will no longer have access to a BBC channel to launch the red button appplication, and so they will lose access to the sports on those "bbc streams.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sky package changes from 1st September 2011

Sky TV will be freezing their subscription prices until the 31st August 2012, for customers who join prior to 31st August 2011.

It has also been confirmed that Sky TV will be changing thier channel structure.

Gone are the 6 genre mixes of Variety, Knowledge, Lifestyle, Music, Childrens and News and Events.

In comes Entertainment and Entertainment Extra.

From initial channel lists, it looks like the current Variety and Lifestyle genres will be in the Entertainment pack. This pack will cost £20.

The other four genres, Music, News and Events, Knowledge and Childrens, will be included in the Entertainment Extra mix. The cost of Entertainment and Entertainment Extra per month will be £25.

However, you will not lose channels with this shuffle around. In fact, Sky TV says that you will still receive all the channels you currently receive now. And some clients will receive more channels, yet, pay the same subscription as they currently do.

So, if you currently have two genres, for example the Variety and Childrens, and currently pay £20.50, then from 1st September, you will still pay £20.50, but will have access to all channel in the Entertainment pack, and all channels in the Entertainment Extra pack. But you will see your price increase in 1st September 2012 to £25 (or more if they increase it!).

All new Sky TV customers signing up after 31st August 2011 will pay either £20 or £25 per month.

So for 1 year you can be paying the same price as you are currently, but then in 1 years time your price may well increase.

The Sky Sports and Sky Movie channel prices have also been frozen for 1 year. So in addition to your "Genre" or Entertainment mix price, these prices will be applied for the premium Sky TV channels.

Single Movie Pack: £8.00
Both Movie Packs: £16.00
Single Sports Pack: £12.50
Both Sports Packs: £20.00
Single Movies and Single Sport Pack: £18.75
Both Movies and Single Sports Pack: £24.00
Both Sports and Single Movies Pack: £24.00
Both Sports and Both Movies Pack: £28.00

Friday, August 26, 2011

BBC News Alba Parliament and Red Button frequency changes in September and October

As part of a cost cutting measure, the BBC has decided to stop transmitting on one satellite frequency / transponder.

The BBC say "By closing a few of the less viewed Red Button video streams on satellite (and hence cable), and moving some TV channels between transponders, we will be able to close a transponder and reduce our distribution costs"

As a result of this, some changes to some of the BBC services will be made.

BBC News, BBC Alba and BBC Parliament will be moving frequencies.
The will be moving from the frequency that allows their reception on small satellite dishes in Spain, to frequencies that require large 1.8m or 2.4m satellite dishes in Spain.

During the week commencing 19 September 2011
BBC News will move to new frequency 10803 H 22000-5/6
BBC Alba will move to new frequency 10818 V 22000-5/6
BBC Parliament will move to new frequency 10788 V 22000-5/6

The BBC News frequency is the same as BBC 1 London and BBC2 England, meaning that it may not be available 24/7 even on the larger 2.4m satellite dishes.

Although not clear, it appears that the BBC streams will move to frequency 11954 h 27500 2/3, which is still easily available on a small satellite dish in Spain.

However, this will mean that users of a Sky box or Freesat box with a small satellite dish will no longer be able to access the Sports streams, as they will be unable to access a BBC channel that gives them the "BBC Menu".

"Generic" free to air receivers should still be able to receive these channels, if they move to frequency 11954, as these types of receivers can access the channels directly, without the need for going via a BBC Menu system.

For more information on the BBC News BBC Alba BBC Parliament and BBC Sports Red Button frequency changes in September and October Click here

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Four arrested in Spain for illegally distributing copyright films on the Net

This recently appeared in an Costa Blanca news site.

Four arrested in Spain for illegally distributing copyright films on the Net

A Civil Guard operation in Valencia and Zaragoza has arrested four people for illegally distributing copyrighted films and series on the Net without permission.

Their web pages offered some 1,500 films and series which were available, for either free download or through P2P file sharing, through a subnet which users had to be invited to join. In return, the users would contribute other audiovisual material.

The group would also replace original audio on foreign films with dubbed dialogue recorded when the films were shown in Spanish cinemas.

The Civil Guard said in a press release on Wednesday that the operation followed a complaint from the FAP Federation for the Protection of Intellectual Property and the movies portal, Comunidad Filmin.


There have been past cases where some judges have rules that P2P (peer to peer) file sharing is OK for personal use and archive use. However once you give the material to friends, or receive a payment for the material, its a criminal matter and you are in breach of copyright laws.

Which is presumably what has happened in this case as the system was not for personal use, but rather for redistribution...

Will my Freeview box work in Spain?

Many UK Freeview boxes do work in Spain and you can use a Freeview receiver / set top box in Spain.

The UK Freeview receiver will only receive the Spanish digital TV channels.

A UK Freeview set top box will NOT be able to receive UK TV channels like BBC ITV C4 and Five in Spain.

This is beacuase the Freeview box connects to a TV aerial, and in Spain only SPanish TV vchannels are available via a TV aerial.

Just like in the UK where you can only receive the UK Freeview channels via a TV aerial and not the SPansih TV channels in the UK via a TV aerial.

However, there may be some problems with using a UK Freeview set top box in Spain.

Firstly, you must ensure the box can scan frequency 69 – a frequency that is not used in the UK but it is in Spain.

Also UK boxes may not be able to change programmes into their original language as some UK boxes are programmed to look for English, Welsh and Gaelic language “tags”, where as in Spain they use different language tags like “Dos” or “VO” (Version Original), or “Multi” or “Und”, SET does use an “English” tag.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

“Please Wait” Issue on Freesat Humax FOXSAT-HDR receivers when accessing the TV Guide

“Please Wait” Issue on Freesat Humax FOXSAT-HDR receivers

According to reports, a recent software update to Freesat Humax FOXSAT-HDR receivers has meant that in some cases, a "please wait" message is displayed for around 30-40 seconds when trying to access the TV Guide.

Humax have said that "The reason for the change is due to increased EPG data being sent by Freesat above the specification, we have temporarily delayed scheduling programmes until the EPG downloads to resolve lockup issues. We are currently working with Freesat for a solution to the issue."

A work-around is available. Pressing the SCHEDULE button, followed by the RED button allow you to see the EPG data from the receiver cache memory. As this information is in the receiver cache, it may not be up-to-date, and will only update to correct information by using the correct GUIDE option.

Why can't Brits get Sky TV in Spain?

You can receive Sky TV in Spain.

However, due to the broadcast agreements, the channels on Sky TV do not have the correct broadcast contracts to allow their programming to be available in Spain. In fact, many of those TV programmes on the Sky channels may have already been bought for viewing in Spain by the Spanish TV broadcasters like TVE, or Cuatro, or LA Sexta or their satellite TV service Digital+.

The Spanish broadcasters will have bought the rights to show those programmes in Spain. So the channels on Sky TV would not be allowed to show them...unless they too paid for the Spanish TV rights.

These rights agreement and contracts are controlled on the Sky TV pay system by the use of satellite viewing card, or Sky cards. These cards allow the viewing with a subscription of the channels on the Sky TV system. These Sky TV cards are only issued to UK addresses.

However, many people use a friend or family members UK address to register a card that is then used in Spain.

The use of a Sky viewing card in Spain is not illegal. It is only against the terms and conditions of use of that Sky card. If the use of a Sky card in Spain was illegal then the card owner would be jailed. As it is a contractual matter between the user and Sky, should one of those partners in that agreement break the terms of the contract, like using the Sky TV card in Spain, then all Sky TV can do is to discontinue the card and cut of the Sky Pay TV channels.

Friday, August 19, 2011

What is the frequency for Channel Five on Sky TV in Spain?

Normally Channel Five can be found on Sky TV on Sky channel 105.

channel five frequency in Spain on Sky tv

But, due to the various advertising regions, you may be allocated the "Freesat TV " version of channel Five.
This Freesat Channel Five requires no Sky card to watch, but in many areas of Spain it may not be available 24/7.

The frequency for this free to air version of channel Five is 10773 h 22000 5/6.
This is the same frequency as BBC2 England.

The Free to view version of Channel Five is only available on Sky TV boxes.
This free to view vresion of Channel Five requries a working Sky card.
This Sky TV version of channel Five is on a different frequency to its free to air versions.

The frequency for this free to view version of channel Five is 12442 h 27.5 2/3.
Also on this Channel Five Frequency are the sister channels of Five* and Five USA.

Have you recently lost True Movies...well it has changed frequency.

True Movies and a few other channels have recently changed frequencies.

The channel affected are

Chart Show
Dance Nation
Pop Girl / +1
The Vault
Tiny Pop / +1
True Ent
True Movies 1
True Movies 2

The new frequency for these channels will be 11307V 27500 2/3

If you use a Sky box or a freesat box then the changes will be done automatically.

If you are using a non sky or non freesat receiver - a generic receiver - then, should you wish to still receive these channels then you will need to perform a rescan of the new frequency.

Channels changes on Sky Freesat and Generic receivers in Spain (True Movies)

Some channels available Sky TV and Freesat TV have recently changed frequencies.

This has affected the following channels:

Chart Show
Dance Nation
Pop Girl / +1
The Vault
Tiny Pop / +1
True Ent
True Movies 1
True Movies 2

The new frequency for these channels will be 11307V 27500 2/3

It is thought that one reason for this change is the fact that their old frequency was prone to interference from DECT / wireless phones, BT homehubs, some wireless internet routers and some home equipment. Some of the channel even run adverts saying if you are having interferance and channel drop outs, then move your DECT / wireless phone or internet roouter away from the satellite receiver and cabling.

If you use a Sky box or a freesat box then the changes will be done automatically.

If you are using a non sky or non freesat receiver - a generic receiver - then, should you wish to still receive these channels then you will need to perform a rescan of the new frequency.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How do I add Freesat channels to Sky?

How do I add Freesat channels to Sky?

Freesat channels are "Free to air" channels, and require no viewing card.

A Sky box without a Sky card will recive the same "free to air" channels as a Freesat box.

So, all channels that are available on Freesat will already be available via the Sky Guide....

Except maybe Channel Five, which you may have to add manually:

Manually Add Channel Five Frequencies

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This weeks live football on Sky ESPN ADMC Canal+

Saturday 13th August
FA Premier League

Queens Park Rangers v Bolton Wanderers 3.00pm ADMC Sport
Blackburn Rovers v Wolves 3.00pm ADMC Sport
Fulham v Aston Villa 3.00pm ADMC Sport
Liverpool v Sunderland 3.00pm ADMC Sport, Canal+ Futbol Spain
Spurs v Everton 3.00pm ADMC Sport
Wigna v Norwich 3.00pm ADMC Sport
Newcastle United v Arsenal 5.30pm ESPN, ESPN HD, ADMC Sport

Sunday 14th August
FA Premier League

Stoke v Chelsea 1.30pm Sky Sports, Sky Sports HD, ADMC Sport
West Brom v Man Utd 4.00pm Sky Sports, Sky Sports HD, Sky 3D, ADMC Sport, Canal+ Spain

Monday 15th August
FA Premier League

Man City v Swansea 8.00pm Sky Sports, Sky Sports HD, Sky 3D, ADMC Sport

More fixtures here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Having a satellite dish 'is a human right,' says European court

Having a satellite dish 'is a human right,' says European court

It is regarded as a luxury that allows people to watch top sport and blockbuster movies from the comfort of their armchairs.

But owning a satellite dish is actually a human right, according to unelected European judges.

In an extraordinary ruling, lawmakers in Strasbourg have warned that banning dishes on listed buildings, social housing and even private homes could breach the right to freedom of expression by preventing people from practice religion.

The judgement is a huge blow to campaigners who have fought to stop the large metal dishes blighting the brickwork of historic buildings and rental properties.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Britain’s discrimination watchdog, has now published new guidance warning that landlords could be at risk of being sued if they try to stop their tenants putting up a satellite dish.

Housing Minister Grant Shapps said that the ruling, under the Human Rights Act, threatened to drive ‘a horse and cart’ through planning laws.

Two tenants in Sweden took their government to court after they were evicted by their landlord in a dispute over a dish.

The couple installed one of the dishes on their rented property but the landlord ordered them to take it down. They refused and were later thrown out of the property.

But European judges ruled that the Swedish government had failed in its obligation to protect the couple’s right to receive information. It found that satellite dishes come under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The European Commission’s Internal Market Commissioner Frits Bolkestein said: ‘The right to use a satellite dish [is] one of the many concrete benefits for European consumers of the free movement of goods and services within the internal market.

‘Satellite dishes are an increasingly popular tool for receiving multiple services via satellite: they facilitate mutual exchanges between our various cultures by overcoming national borders, and familiarise the general public with the new remote communications technologies. Their use must therefore be free from any unjustified obstacle.’


However, further reading suggets that a satellite dish is required so that people can receive news and information. It does not specify what sized dish is required to receive news and information. So it does not say that the installation of a 2.4m dish is automatically granted. In fact it could be argued that BBC News and BBC WOrld News, both available on smaller 80cm satellite dishes, is more than enough to satisfy the EU rules on receiving of news and information in your own language

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Want to know where you can watch Rugby World Cup 2011 in your country?

Want to know where you can watch Rugby World Cup 2011 in your country?

Where can I watch RWC 2011?

Andorra - TF1 - A minimum of 20 matches live including all France matches, opening match, 1 additional pool match per week, 2 x Quarter Finals, both Semi Finals, Bronze and Final

Bahrain - Showtime - All 48 matches live on Showtime

Belgium - Eurosport France - All 48 matches live via Pay TV

Cyprus - Saran - Minimum of all Quarter Finals, both Semi Finals, Bronze and Final live via FTA and/or Pay TV

Czech Republic - Pragosport -tbc

Egypt - Showtime - All 48 matches live on Showtime

Falkland Islands - ESPN INC - A minimum of 10 matches live including opening match, all Quarter Finals, both Semi Finals, Bronze and Final

France - TF1 - A minimum of 20 matches live including All France matches, Opening match, 1 additional pool match per week, 2 x Quarter Finals, both Semi Finals, Bronze and Final

France - Canal Plus -tbc

France - Eurosport France - All 48 matches live via Pay TV

Germany - DSF GMBH - Minimum of 5 games live on Sport 1 All 48 games live via DSF Finals or Sport 1 website

Hungary - DigiSport - tbc

Italy - Sky Italia -A minimum of all Italy Pool matches, 1 additional pool match per week, all Quarter Finals, both Semi Finals, Bronze and Final

Luxemburg - DSF GMBH - Minimum of 5 games live on Sport 1 All 48 games live via via DSF or Sport 1 website

Luxemburg - Eurosport France - All 48 matches live via Pay TV

Monaco - TF1 - A minimum of 20 matches live including All France matches, Opening match, 1 additional pool match per week, 2 x Quarter Finals, both Semi Finals, Bronze and Final

Netherlands - NOS - Minimum of all 5 matches live on FTA (either NED 1,2, or 3) including 1 x Semi Final and Final

Poland - Polsat TBC

Portugal - Sport TV - A minimum of 15 matches live including Opening match, 1 additional pool match per week, 2 x Quarter Finals, both Semi Finals, Bronze and Final

Republic of Ireland - RTE - 13 matches via FTA including 4 Ireland matches, opening matches, all Quarter Finals, both Semi Finals, Bronze and Final

Republic of Ireland - Setanta - All 48 matches live on Setanta

Republic of Ireland - TG4 - A minimum of 24 matches on delay (Irish Language only)

Switzerland - Sky Italia - A minimum of all Italy Pool matches, 1 additional pool match per week, all Quarter Finals, both Semi Finals, Bronze and Final

Switzerland - DSF GMBH - Minimum of 5 games live on Sport 1 All 48 games live via via DSF or Sport 1 website

Switzerland - Eurosport France - All 48 matches live via Pay TV

United Kingdom - ITV - All 48 matches live

More information

2011 Rugby World Cup on ITV1 and ITV4 and ITVHD

The match schedule for the 2011 Rugby World Cup on ITV1 and ITV4 and ITVHD

Friday 9th September
New Zealand v Tonga Pool A 9.30am (UK time) ITV1 Auckland

Saturday 10th September
Scotland v Romania Pool B 2am ITV1 Invercargill
Fiji v Namibia Pool D 4.30am ITV1 Rotorua
France v Japan Pool A 7am ITV1 Auckland
Argentina v England Pool B 9.30am ITV1 Dunedin

Sunday 11th September
Australia v Italy Pool C 4.30am ITV1 Auckland
Ireland v USA Pool C 7am ITV1 New Plymouth
South Africa v Wales Pool D 9.30am ITV1 Wellington

Wednesday 14th September
Samoa v Namibia Pool D 3.30am ITV1 Rotorua
Tonga v Canada Pool A 6am ITV4 Whangarei
Scotland v Georgia Pool B 8.30am ITV1 Invercargill

Thursday 15th September
Russia v USA Pool C 8.30am ITV4 New Plymouth

Friday 16th September
New Zealand v Japan Pool A 9am ITV1 Hamilton

Saturday 17th September
Argentina v Romania Pool B 4.30am ITV1 Invercargill
South Africa v Fiji Pool D 7am ITV1 Wellington
Australia v Ireland Pool C 9.30am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 18th September
Wales v Samoa Pool D 4.30am ITV1 Hamilton
England v Georgia Pool B 7am ITV1 Dunedin
France v Canada Pool A 9.30am ITV1 Napier

Tuesday 20th September
Italy v Russia Pool C 8.30am ITV4 Nelson

Wednesday 21st September
Tonga v Japan Pool A 8.30am ITV4 Whangarei

Thursday 22nd September
South Africa v Namibia Pool D 9am ITV4 Auckland

Friday 23rd September
Australia v USA Pool C 9.30am ITV1 Wellington

Saturday 24th September
England v Romania Pool B 7am ITV1 Dunedin
New Zealand v France Pool A 9.30am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 25th September
Fiji v Samoa Pool D 3.30am ITV1 Auckland
Ireland v Russia Pool C 6am ITV1 Rotorua
Argentina v Scotland Pool B 8.30am ITV1 Wellington

Monday 26th September
Wales v Namibia Pool D 7.30am ITV1 New Plymouth

Tuesday 27th September
Canada v Japan Pool A 5am ITV4 Napier
Italy v USA Pool C 7.30am ITV4 Nelson

Wednesday 28th September
Georgia v Romania Pool B 7.30am ITV4 Palmerston North

Friday 30th September
South Africa v Samoa Pool D 8.30am ITV4 Auckland

Saturday 1st October
Australia v Russia Pool C 3.30am ITV1 Nelson
France v Tonga Pool A 6am ITV1 Wellington
England v Scotland Pool B 8.30am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 2nd October
Argentina v Georgia Pool B 1am ITV1 Palmerston North
New Zealand v Canada Pool A 3.30am ITV1 Wellington
Wales v Fiji Pool D 6am ITV1 Hamilton
Ireland v Italy Pool C 8.30am ITV1 Dunedin

Saturday 8th October
Winner C v Runner-up D QF1 6am ITV1 Wellington
Winner B v Runner-up A QF2 8.30am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 9th October
Winner D v Runner-up C QF3 6am ITV1 Wellington
Winner A v Runner-up B QF4 8.30am ITV1 Auckland

Saturday 15th October
Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 SF1 9am ITV1 Auckland

Sunday 16th October
Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 SF2 9am ITV1 Auckland

Friday 21st October
Loser SF1 v Loser SF2 Playoff 8.30am ITV4 Auckland

Sunday 23rd October
Winners SF1 v Winner SF2 Final 9am ITV1 Auckland

More information

Real Digital - a new UK satellite TV provider

Real Digital are a company that says it will offer a range of free to air satellite TV channels, and a range of pay channels. The system was said to launch early January 2011, but there have been some delays.

Real Digital will, like Freesat, offer all the free to air UK TV channels, including the 5 HD channels, BBC1HD, BBCHD,ITV1HD, C4 HD and NHK World HD. But Real Digital say that they will also be able to offer some subscription channels. Real Digital say that they will off channels like Sky Sports, without the need of subscribing to other pay channels, which is currently the can on the Sky TV system. According to reports Sky SPorts 1 and Sky Sports 2 may be available, and for a lot less than it costs to subscribe to Sky, thanks tot he ruling by OFCOM that Sky must offer its channels at a competitive and fair price to other operators.

The system will use the same satellites and frequencies as requried by Sky and Freesat receivers. It will also be restricted to UK only users, just like the Sky and Freesta services, but I am sure that ways around this may well be found.

Real Digital have released a top ten Q&A for their system.

Q. When will REAL Digital be launching its service and where can I buy a box?

A. 1st of September 2011 is the official launch date for the Free To Air service. The first boxes will be available from Maplin.

Q. How much will a REAL Digital Set Top Box cost?

A. There will be 2 types of set top boxes available, one from Fortec Star (a single tuner HD unit, with an RRP of £159.99), and a REAL+ HD box from DIGITAL STREAM, which has twin tuners and a built in 500GB hard drive so you can record one channel while watching another. This will have a RRP of £299.99.

Q. I already have a Sky/Freesat satellite dish will I need a new one or any home visit?

A. You will not need a new dish or any adjustment as long as the dish currently works correctly. You can simply plug the satellite dish (LNB) cable into the (LNB) connection on the back of the REAL set top box and just follow the simple on screen set up guide. You can then start watching any of the hundreds of Free To Air channels without any subscription or you can add additional Pay TV channels as they become available.

Q. What HD channels would I get without a Pay TV subscription?

A. BBC One HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD/STV HD, Channel 4 HD and NHK World HD.

Q. Will I have to enter a 12 month Pay TV contract to get Sky Sports?

A. No REAL Digital believes you should be free to choose how long you want to Pay for Sports channels, so you can Pay on a month by month basis.

Q. What makes REAL Digital different to Sky TV or freesat?

A. REAL Digital will not make you take out a satellite subscription before you can add Premium channels like Sky Sports or make it a minimum 12 month contract to get the Sky Sports channels. Compared to freesat, REAL Digital will be listing many more channels and be including a easy to use EPG TV Guide. So you will have more Free TV to watch AND you'll have the option to add Pay TV channels you want.

Q. What if I don't have a HD TV can I still use a REAL Digital box?

A. You can still watch a REAL Digital set top box even on a Standard Definition box when you connect it to the scart connection. However you won't get the High Definition picture quality unless you connect the REAL Digital box to a HD ready TV using a HDMI cable.

Q. Will there be any new channels that I don't currently get launching on REAL Digital?

A. Yes there already a number of new Pay TV channels planning on launching this year on REAL Digital.

Q. How do I get a REAL Digital Smartcard?

A. All REAL Digital Set Top Boxes have a REAL Digital Smartcard included in the with the packaging all you need to do is follow the instructions to activate the card

Q. Will the REAL Digital remote control work with my TV as well?

A. Yes the REAL Digital remote controls are universal TV remotes as well. You will simply need the correct code for your make of TV.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Concerts in the Gardens of the Casa de Cultura de Gandia August 2011

Gandía el Festival Polisonic.

Summer Concerts in the Gardens of the Casa de Cultura de Gandia August 2011

The Concerts in the Gardens of the Casa de Cultura de Gandia (Palacio Marques de Gonzalez de Quiros) which is on the Paseo, are as follows.

Thursday 4th August 22:30 "Barcelona Bluegrass Band" Entrance Free.

Friday 5th August 22.30 " I Contramaglia" Italian band "Nostalgia for the Tango". Entrance €5.00.

Saturday 6th August 22:30 "Septo Santiaguero". Rythms of Cuba. Entrance €5.00.

Thursday 11th August 22:30 "Xarnege" Traditional music of the Pyrenees. Entrance Free

Friday 12 August 22:30 "F Collective" The passion of Flamenco. Entrance €5.00.

Saturday 13th August 22:30 "Sons of the Delta" UK/ USA group. Blues. Entrance €5.00

Thursday18th August 22:30 "Andreu Martinez Band" Rock and Jazz. Entrance Free.

Friday 19th August 22:30 "The Jive Aces" UK/ USA group. Swing for Dancing. Entrance €5.00

El 4 de agosto: Barcelona Bluegrass Band a las 22:30h, entrada grauita. (Música country & western)

El 5 de agosto: I Contramilonga a las 22:30h, la entrada cuesta 5€ (Tango)

El 6 de agosto: Septeto Santiaguero a las 22:30, la entrada cuenta 5€ (Ritmos cubanos)

El 11 de agosto: Xarnege a las 22:30h , entrada gratuita. (La tradición musical de los Pirineos)

El 12 de agosto: F Collective a las 22:30h, la entrada cuesta 5€ (Flamenco)

El 13 de agosto: Sons of the Delta, a las 22:30h, la entrada cuesta 5€ (Blues)

El 18 de agosto: Andreu Martínez Band, a las 22:30h, la entrada es gratuita (Rock y jazz)

El 19 de agosto: The Jive & Toni Elizabeth Prima, a las 22:30h, la entrada cuesta 5€ (Swing)

Summer Concerts in the Gardens of the Casa de Cultura de Gandia August 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

New HD channels on Sky HD in 2011 and 2012

UKTV, who operate some tv chanenl on the SKy satellite service, have inked finalised a deal which will see HD versions of Watch, Dave and Alibi

These new HD chanenls will join their exisiting HD channels of Eden HD and Good Food HD as part of the Sky HD subscriptin package.

Watch HD and Dave HD will launch in October, with Alibi HD due to go live in 2012.

More information here

Formula 1 on BBC and Sky in new deal from 2012

Sky and the BBC have been jointly awarded the rights to Formula 1 motor racing between 2012 and 2018. The BBC had been under pressure to shed Formula 1, because of the disproportion of cost to the number of viewers the competition brings in.
Under the split rights half of the races and qualifying sessions will remain live on the BBC, including key races such at the British Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix and the final race of the season. Extensive highlights will be available for those races to which the BBC does not have live coverage.

Sky will show every race live with both broadcasters making using of online and mobile platforms.

Barney Francis, managing director of Sky Sports, said: “This is fantastic news for F1 fans and Sky Sports will be the only place to follow every race live and in HD. We will give F1 the full Sky Sports treatment with a commitment to each race never seen before on UK television. As well as unrivalled build up to each race on Sky Sports News, we will broadcast in-depth live coverage of every session. Sky customers with Sky Sports will also be able to enjoy F1TM across multiple platforms and devices, including Sky Go.”

Barbara Slater, Director of BBC Sport, added. “With this new deal not only have we delivered significant savings but we have also ensured that through our live and extended highlights coverage all the action continues to be available to licence fee payers.”

Sky Press Release

BBC and Sky Partner for Live Formula 1TM Rights

BBC TV and Sky Sports have been awarded the live rights to Formula 1TM between 2012 and 2018.
The move will bring increased choice, innovation and breadth of coverage to UK and Irish motor racing fans.
The two leading UK sports broadcasters will offer fans unparalleled live High Definition coverage of every race of the season.
The broadcasting partnership will include:
•All races, qualifying and practice sessions live on Sky Sports across TV, Online and Mobile and Tablet devices.
Half the races and qualifying sessions remain live on BBC TV, Online and Mobile including key races such at the British Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix and the final race of the season.
Extensive BBC highlights on TV, Online and Mobile, of all races and qualifying sessions that BBC is not covering live.
Build up coverage of each Grand Prix on BBC News, Sky Sports News and Sky News.
Extensive multi-platform coverage including red button, and
The audiences brought by Sky and BBC will ensure Formula 1TM reaches the widest possible audience. BBC Radio Five and Sports Extra will continue to cover every race live.

Barbara Slater, Director of BBC Sport, said: "We are absolutely delighted that F1TM will remain on the BBC. The sport has never been more popular with TV audiences at a 10 year high and the BBC has always stated its commitment to the big national sporting moments. With this new deal not only have we delivered significant savings but we have also ensured that through our live and extended highlights coverage all the action continues to be available to licence fee payers."

Barney Francis, Managing Director of Sky Sports, said: "This is fantastic news for F1TM fans and Sky Sports will be the only place to follow every race live and in HD. We will give F1TM the full Sky Sports treatment with a commitment to each race never seen before on UK television. As well as unrivalled build up to each race on Sky Sports News, we will broadcast in-depth live coverage of every session. Sky customers with Sky Sports will also be able to enjoy F1TM across multiple platforms and devices, including Sky Go."

Formula 1TM will join the line-up of live sport on Sky Sports, which marked its 20th birthday in April. Subscribers can enjoy Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League football, England Test matches, three of golf’s four Majors including the Masters from Augusta, international, European and domestic rugby union, Super League rugby and a host of other sports events.

Note to editors – if there are an odd number of races in the season, the final selection will be screened exclusively live by Sky Sports

more information and more reaction and write ups on
Formula 1 on BBC and Sky in new deal from 2012 - Sat & PC Guy Satellite TV News Forum