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Thursday, July 26, 2012

BBC Olympic HD stream on Humax Freesat Foxsat boxes...recording issues

If you own a Humax Fresat satellite receiver and are wanting to record from the 24 HD BBC Olympic streams, then I am afraid you are in for disappointment.

It appears that a software glitch by Humax is preventing their Freesat boxes from recording the 24 BBC HD Olympic channels.

Emma Scott, Managing Director Freesat has said
Unfortunately the Humax receivers can’t record the Olympics – we’ve been working with Humax and the BBC on this since the streams went live on Tuesday and no fix can be made. It’s a Humax receiver issue and it’s very frustrating for both Freesat and Humax. All other Freesat+ boxes can record the 24 streams.
We’ve just concluded in the last hour that we can’t resolve the issue without further investigation by Humax. We at Freesat now need to ensure that the platform is as stable as possible during this important summer of sport, so we regretfully have to accept we can’t resolve this for the Olympic period.
Getting the BBC Olympics app working on all Freesat receivers – HD and SD – has been quite a feat of engineering by the team here and at our manufacturers – and of course the BBC themselves. Therefore however frustrating this clearly may be for viewers, we’re hopeful that the option of having the 24 streams available in the first place will be some consolation.
One workaround is to add the Standard Definition channels to non freesat mode and record from non freesat mode.

Another workaround is for the more technical, as it mean having to download and install some new software to your Huamx Freesat+ receivers (see _ )

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