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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TDT - Nine Spanish TV channels to close in May 2014

A total of nine Terrestrial Digital Television channels in Spain are set to close down by May 6th 2014.
This is a result of a 2012 Supreme Court ruling that cancelled out the concession of additional channels to existing broadcasters on the grounds that the concession was made without a public bid and that new operators were therefore deprived of a chance to join the market.
Channels closing down include:
  • La Sexta 3. Movie-based channels with a March audience share of 1.6 percent.
  • Xplora. Hardcore Pawn, in its 10th season, is the most popular program.
  • Nitro. Channel airs shows such as Law And Order and The A Team.
  • La Siete. Specializes in Latin American soaps.
  • Nueve. Re-runs of the most successful shows aired on Telecinco and Cuatro.
  • Net TV. Teleshopping.
  • Veo TV.

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