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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Channel Five, Five * Five USA - change of frequencies for reception on Sky boxes. Channel Five in Spain

Channel Five and its sister channels Five* and Five USA has today changed frequency.

It is no longer available on its old frequency of 12442 H.

The Channel Fives are now located on the new frequency of 10965 H 22000 5/6

This new frequency for the Channel Fives is on the new Astra 1N satellite.

This new Channel Five frequency has a very good strong signal here in Spain and the Costa Blanca, and should be easily available on an 80cm satellite dish. If you can receive True Movies (sky channel 321), then you should be able to receive Channel Five on its new frequency. If you cannot receive Channel Five, and you are receiving a "no signal is being received" message, then either your satellite dish may need to be realigned, or it may be too small toreceive Chanel Five on the new frequency..

Sky boxes should will automatically change to the new Channel Five frequency, and users need to do nothing.

Freesat boxes: this does not affect Freesta users at the moment, but you will have to performa Freesat channel scan on the 8th December 2011 to inlcude the Five channels into your Freesat channel list.

Any other receivers will need to be manually updated, via the installation menu, for the new Chanel Five frequency on Astra 1N

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