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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lost Channel Five in Spain? No Satellite Signal is being receive for Channel Five in "other channels"? The solution is here

As of today, some of you may have lost "channel Five" that you have stored in your sky digiboxes "other channels" list.

That is because, as per this post the Channel fives have changed frequency.

So if you try to access these "stored" channel fives in your "other channels" list you will receive the "no satellite signal" message.
This is becasuse the channel are no longer on that frequency.

You must now add the Channel Five on the new frequency to your other channels list:

4 - add channels
input the new frequency details for channel five 10965 H 22000 5/6
Find channels
Press the yellow button that places a "tick" next to the chanenl five.
Press Select
That new Channel five is now stored in your "other channels" list access via the services button on oyur Sky remote control.

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  1. Thanks for make us aware as we are not aware of this, it is really good to know about this. There must be some strong reason for the thing happen.
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