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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BBC TV and Radio Changes in October 2012

BBC Red Button streams to be cut to one
As part of the BBC cost cutting drive the number of BBC Red Button video streams on satellite will be reduced to one - on the 15th October. The lone BBC Red Button video stream will be moved from its current frequency (Astra 2A tp 13 11954 H) to a new frequency : Astra 1N tp 45 10773 H 22 5/6

This move will mean the BBC will need to shuffle some of their other TV services around.

BBC TV and Radio Channels Frequency Changes
Early hours of 12 October 2012:

BBC Three / CBBC and BBC News will move to frequency 10818 V 22000 5/6

BBC ALBA and BBC One North East & Cumbria will both move to 10803 H 22000 5/6

BBC Four / CBeebies and BBC Red Button stream 1 will move to 10773 H 22 5/6

Some of the BBC Radio services will also change frequencies and will be split between 10803 H 22 5/6 and 10788 V 22000 5/6

Sky box users and Freesat box users should notice no difference, and these boxes should automatically make the requried frequency changes.

In case they do not, then a simple reboot of the Sky box or Freesat box should correct the problem and load the channels on their new frequencies.

Users of other satellite boxes will have to rescan for these channels on their new frequencies.

Loss of BBC Radio stations for Expats??

This will mean the BBC can close Astra 2A tp 13, which is a Pan European beam. As the BBC statement says:

"This will also mean that our radio services move from a European beam to a UK spot beam as DSat7 is the last of our European beam transponders. We use a UK beam for our TV services, so the radio services will be as available in the UK as our TV services. But it does mean that the radio services will no longer be receivable across much of mainland Europe. I’ve no doubt that some readers of this blog will be disappointed by this news. But I’m afraid European-beam transponders are not cost effective for us. We broadcast our services for UK audiences “in the clear” or unencrypted (which is what makes Freesat possible) and so for rights reasons we are limited in terms of the services that we are able to broadcast on a European beam. The BBC’s radio station for listeners outside the UK is the BBC World Service, and it is widely available throughout the world. In Europe you can receive the World Service in many different ways including on satellite from Eutelsat Hot Bird 8 at 13° East. It’s also available online 24 hours a day via the listen live link from the BBC World Service homepage."

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