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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Free TV channels available in Spain on a small satellite dish

You do not always need a big Portuguese 2.4m satellite dish to receive some UK TV channels in Spain.

In fact you can receive most of the Sky TV channels in Spain on a small 80cm satellite dish.

But even if you do not want to subscribe to Sky TV in Spain, then there are number of free TV channels available in Spain on a small 80cm satellite dish.

In some areas some of these channels may require a 1meter satellite dish, as some of them are operating on the very edge of satelite reception in Spain.

BBC Sports Interactive streams

BBC Alba
BBC Parliament
BBC News
Sky News
Al Jazeera English
France 24 (in English)
CCTV 9 News
Russia Today
NHK World TV
PCNE Chinese
Abu Dhabi TV
SC4 digital

CBS Drama
CBS Action
CBS Reality
CBS Reality +1
Horror Channel
Horror Channel+1
True Movies,
True Movies 2
Movies for men
Movies for men +1
Movies for men 2
Movies for men 2+1
Men and Movies
True Entertainment

Food Network
Food network +1
Travel Channel
Travel Channel+1
Body in Balance
Contoversial TV
TBN Europe
God Channel
God Europe
Gospel Channel
Create & Craft
Horse & Country
Bid Tv
Wedding TV
wedding TV+1

Pop Girl,
Pop Girl +1,
Tiny Pop
Tiny Pop+1

Dancenation TV
Chart Show TV,
The Vault,
Clubland TV,

BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4

Flirt TV
Dirty Talk TV

In addition, with a "freesatfromsky" viewing card, a non subscription white Sky card, then you can also receive ITV1, Channel 4 (Ireland), Five, Five*, Five USA, Pick TV, Sony TV, Liverpool FC TV., and with a Sky HD box, Five HD.

This list is correct as at July 2011. Channel reception can change. Reception will depend on your exact location in Spain.

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