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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sky channel pack changes and PRICE FREEZE!

It has been confirmed that Sky TV will be freezing their subscription prices until the 31st August 2012, for customers who join prior to 31st August 2011. It has also been confirmed that Sky TV will be changing thier channel structure.

Gone are the 6 genre mixes of Variety, Knowledge, Lifestyle, Music, Childrens and News and Events.

In comes Entertainment and Entertainment Extra, two new packs with a mixture of channels from the current genres.

From initial channel lists, it looks like the current Variety and Lifestyle genres will be in the Entertainment pack. This pack will cost £20.

The other four genres, Music, News and Events, Knowledge and Childrens, wil be included in the Entertainment Extra mix. The cost of Entertainment and Entertainment Extra per month will be £25.

However, you will not lose channels with this Sky channel shuffle around. In fact, Sky TV says that you will still receive all the channels you currently receive now. And some clients will receive more channels, yet, pay the same subscription as they currently do. At least for one year..more of which later.

So, if my understanding of the new system is correct, if you currently have two genres, for example the Variety and Childrens, and currently pay £20.50, then from 1st September, you will still pay £20.50, thanks to the price freeze for exisiting cSky TV customers, and will also have access to all channel in the Entertainment pack, and all channels in the Entertainment Extra pack, due to the changes in the genres.

However, you will see your price increase in 1st September 2012 to £25 (or more if they increase it!), when the price freeze no longer appllies and you are upgraded to the correct subscription price.

All new Sky TV customers signing up after 31st August 2011 will pay either £20 or £25 per month.

So for 1 year you can be paying the same price as you are currently, but then in 1 years time your price may well increase.

The Sky Sports and Sky Movie channel prices have also been frozen for 1 year. So in addition to your "Genre" or Entertainment mix price, these prices will be applied for the premium Sky TV channels.

Single Movie Pack: £8.00
Both Movie Packs: £16.00
Single Sports PAck: £12.50
Both Sports Packs: £20.00
Single Movies and Single Sport Pack: £18.75
Both Movies and Single Sports Pack: £24.00
Both Sports and Single Movies Pack: £24.00
Both Sports and Both Movies Pack: £28.00

What does this mean for Sky TV subscribers in Spain. Well you do not have to do anything at all, all of the changes will be done automatically.

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