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Saturday, July 2, 2011

"I have no signal quality on my Sky dish in Spain."

You access the signal test screen on a sky box via the services, signal test option.

This is a test screen and shows the signal strength and signal quality of a particular satellite signal.

In most cases the satellite frequency that this test screen measures is frequency 11778 v 27.5 2/3.

This is a weak satellite frequency in Spain. It is a weak Astra 2 north beam frequency. This frequency is weakest at 5pm. In many areas of Spain in the afternoon this frequency can be unavailable, even on the big 2.4m Portuguese Famaval satellite dishes.

So it is entirely possible for this signal test screen on a Sky box to show "not locked" or no signal at all, yet you are still able to receive other frequencies (and channels).

The loss of these satellite frequencies can be reduced with an accurately aligned satellite dish.

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  1. Hi Sat and PC guy, I am an installer in southern Spain in my spare time, 9 out of ten installs or faults are easy to sort with my Maxpeak sat meter but one problem that foxes me is when after aligning the dish and lnb very rarely the sky box shows a good signal strength and says it's locked but there is no signal quality bar, data stream etc and NO picture, any ideas why and how to fix it or am I doing it wrong ?? any info would really be appreciated.
    Tony, Costa Del Sol, southern Spain.

  2. Tony: The signal test screen on Sky boxes measures one frequency: 11778. Its on a "north beam" frequency, and is weakest at 5pm, and requries very sensitive skew angle. If you can get sky channel 998 then you should have 11778 strength and quality on the test screen - they are on similar frequencies. Also, different boxes have different tuners and they all report the signal test screen differently.
    If oyu want more hel and information, email me with more details about your exact locaion, dish sizes and sky box makes and models...